How To Make Communist Propaganda

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How To Make Communist Propaganda – Second Thought

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Comment (2,041)

  1. I remember watching JT while I was in my cringe centrist phase 2 years ago ab to change the video but letting auto play go on and it has literally changed my whole world view thank you for being a convincing and well spoken person I’m too dumb to do this but I’ll let the video making to you lmao ‼️

  2. JT, I feel like if I hadn't learned video production from Fawful's Minion's 50K subscriber special years ago, I'd have learned it from you today. Thanks so much for this. 😃😃

    Also, as a personal recommendation, I'd mention Hitfilm Express for video editing software. It's versatile, really in-depth, and free.

  3. Transparency is not the only thing that matters. The facts also matter as well. Good facts separate well-written and thorough articles from propaganda pieces. Content is key

  4. I can't wait till the day that someone asks me how to make YouTube videos and then I link them this video 😂 the title is great especially when this is just a good video essay guide

  5. In my master's thesis I argued that educators should stop pretending to be unbiased and apolitical. It's silly at best and intellectually dangerous at worst. We cannot evict bias from our teaching and by pretending that we are unbiased, we create a situation in which biased comments we make can be received as unbiased from students and therefore taken as fact. I put forth the solution as foregrounding your biases to the students. And by making your personal beliefs (be they political, religious, or whatever) visible students are able to be critical of the content of curriculum and true agents in their education.

  6. Came for the Socialism, ended up learning how to become a content creator. Which in affect, is another way of direct action and circles back to socialism. Hot damn. Love this channel. Time to start spreading the word and this channel. Thanks JT

  7. I'm far from convinced on socialism but I've enjoyed your content before you became more political and between you and Krystal Ball my mind has totally opened to far more society driven policies.

  8. While the second thought videos can be blunt–but overall I love them. It gives me a jumping point to do further research and dissect the information. I am a proud socialist.

  9. Hey man, wanted to give you a huge shoutout. During my high school life I was constantly bombared with right wing POVs and still to this day believe in a lot of Right Wing Ideas. Back in high school I would not be able to tolerate another view point for 30 seconds before turning the video off.

    Thanks to you I've been able to change the content I watch to challenge my current belief over reinforce my current ones. I still have differing beliefs than you but wanted to let you know you are the root cause of my endeavor of actually hearing and understanding others POVs.

  10. I generally like 80% of the things you say and 20% I disagree with, but this was a great video for video production: Simple, Detailed, and to the point. This is a great video to watch over and over.

  11. Don't be Fascist?
    Wish that was a joke, but in America that seems to be the line….
    If you don't preach the right-winged idealisms, then you have to be 'communism propaganda' right?

  12. Legit planning on making video essays deconstructing Video Games from a socialist/marxist perspective, so I cannot thank you enough for this video. Truly a beacon for the online left.

  13. Thanks JT, I'm a musician and I was thinking how I would translate my audio content into video, I already have a script, but those tips will help a lot, also, if you need some music themes, just say it, I'll see what I can do for you.

  14. There is a difference between socialism and communism bro. America might have it's problems, but the last thing I want for this country is for it to end up like the PRC or the Soviet Union.

  15. There has been communist propaganda for children made in the US. One show is called "BIker Mice From Mars." I know that sounds crazy, but watch a season of the early '90s show, and you will be shocked. Its premise is a that Mars is inhabited by mice, and their world is invaded by a race of colonialists who would make Ayn Rand wet who have extracted their resources, bought off the governments, and displaced and killed much of the population. The Biker Mice in the title are soldiers in the resistance, and during a flight in space, they get attacked and crash on Earth in Chicago, only to find the people who invaded their world are also at work on Earth. The show touches on how capitalistic extraction shapes relationships, the importance of unions, solidarity and kindness, building camaraderie, gender equality, workers talking about what they make — and the show is so horny I have no idea how it got past the censors. It's rad, it's fun, and it's funny. It's also free on this website.

  16. I respect all of your points made but I just don’t understand identifying as a socialist. In a lot of leftist thought, socialism is pretty clearly just an in-between when a society is moving from capitalism to communism. Why not identify as a communist, as that is socialism’s end goal?

  17. Hey, there's a good chance you're not going to see this, but on the off chance you do, I have a few questions. I love to write, I write fiction all the time, and I want to start writing editorial / non-fiction opinion content, like the kind of articles you'd read in The New York Times, or like the scripts for your videos. I've been in the left wing sphere since COVID began and even a little while before, but I don't have a very great working knowledge of the pre-existing political circumstances we are living in. What are some good topics in specific to read up on to make sure I'm not talking out of my ass? I love to read, I'll read whatever I can, but I don't know where to start. So generally my question is, what's the minimum reading I should do before I begin doing analysis, or am I overthinking this to begin with?

  18. When I hear the word Communist all I think about is the communist parties and what they accomplished horribly and done in a very fascist way. When I hear the word "socialist" I think….well that generically means "the rest of us" meaning the lower 80% of any society, that is struggling. People say social aid programs are Socialist! And then cry about how evil they are. It's usually somebody who stands something to gain by making sure social aid programs don't happen. Like society is just a big village and the village is taking care of it's own people. Oh scary stuff.

  19. When I first found your channel, when I hadn't read your bio, I was delighted to hear some talking points that actually made sense, instead of a heavily pro-capitalist standpoint. Thank you for providing such a reasonable viewpoint.

  20. This is really the best tutorials I've ever seen. The majority of the info was stuff I already know "about", but pulling it together using your own channel (which I'm a huge fan of) as the examples is really helpful. Thanks for doing this TJ.

  21. I had this video getting spammed all over my recommended all day. IDK if you've paid to promote it or what. Your videos have always felt so much like communist agitprop that it rubs me the wrong way. I'm a Democratic Socialist and my family are centrist Republicans, and they despise your videos. Your messaging always feels like it doesn't address people's main objections and therefore fails as propaganda. Those are my thoughts on your propaganda in general before I watch the video.

  22. This was so much less tongue-and-cheek than I've thought, lmao
    Nice! I've been considering making a podcast-y series about analyzing fantasy or D&D tropes with a postmodern lens, but only after I actually get some free time. It's kind of interesting how you can keep most, if not all, of a fantasy setting but enrich it with more complex analysis. I have a pretty solid idea on why Drow society is much like American society – that the false idea of freedom can be used to oppress (and specifically abuse) you.

  23. Could you maybe make gude how to make communist propaganda in text form on social media? I am 15 years old and I don't have the possibility to make youtube videos, but I really want to help to spread socialism.

  24. Only a socialist would make a video like this ❤ — I mean, uhhh I can't believe you would make this masterclass on editing socialist agitprop and put it out for free on YouTube like some kind of socialist!

  25. Capitalism in the U.S. is like tricking people in to Socialism. The solution to "How do we get free individuals to participate in a system that benefits the common good."
    You lure them in with a dream, enable them to realize it if they participate long enough to purchase it.
    Things kind of went to shit, imo, when we imagined debt as a short-cut. Executed with consideration, debt can be a boon but not in a dog-eat-dog laissez-faire economy.
    It's a good idea, but our execution is just causing a country full of people doing work they simply do not want to do . . . all to avoid do work they do not want to do. e.g. maintaining a self-sufficient homestead.
    If you think being a Socialist is fun, try convincing people to free themselves of the system entirely. The only thing I dislike more than currency is internet currency, and this defect will not let me profit from a YouTube channel. I could do it free (Honestly, I don't want to), but I already know the vast majority of people do not want this life and I am ok with that. I still can't resist making an attempt to talk them out of it, especially if the system is fn destroying them.
    They imagine me never leaving my home but I help my small rural community every single day, I do it because I want to and I can.
    Rule .303: If you have the means at hand, you also have the responsibility to act. You do not require permission to do what needs to be done. If it's right, no one will care, they might even start to like you by accident. When people like you, they will try to help you even if you do not deserve it.

  26. Learn public speaking skills! I cannot stress this enough! Just because you have something to say (and yes, you do) doesn't mean that anyone is obligated to listen. It's important that you know how to present your message in a way that will draw attention. Persuasive speaking is the tool you need for that. Learn public speaking skills!

  27. the title made me super excited because i thought you'd make a rundown of the history in how the media demonized communist and socialist nations through news outlets

    hopefully you'll make that some day!

  28. It’s fine and natural to have bias but to embrace that bias and let it consume you is incredibly unhealthy, unethical and dangerous. You should ALWAYS listen to counter arguments and try to find weaknesses within your own philosophy.

    When people accuse you of being biased they’re generally saying that you aren’t properly representing other opinions, or that you’re ignoring the holes in your own argument. If they’re right then you should absolutely be ashamed of yourself and try to improve as a person.

  29. Instant Reaction 0:30 in, Just as there is no unbiased media, there is no unbiased "Thought". We are all products of our environments & our earliest thoughts are formed from those we absorbed/learnt in the years after birth by listening or in reactions to experiences we encountered. The most unbiased mindset we can have is to have an "Open" mind, to listen to both sides of an issue as impartially, or not as possible & debate your perspective with logic & passion, not anger then win or lose accept the outcome. But we have to learn how to have 'Second Thought's, these videos help, Thanks again. What's the difference between knowledge & wisdom? Knowledge is knowing something, Wisdom is knowing how to use that knowledge, & you have both.

  30. I can't believe I just got Rick-rolled by a teleprompter!

    On the serious, thanks for making these videos. America needs to find political, social and spiritual maturity and quickly!

  31. As a European Socialist. I would be curious on your opinion on Anarchism. I agree with my Anarchist friends on corporations being a cancer on society. I also have no love of Monarchies etc. The best propaganda for any communist is the capitalist system. Do you get the same hatred from communists. I want to improve the system from within to help the poorest in our society. Communists want that system smashed and remade.

  32. When I look at the US today I see similarities to Nazi Germany. In Nazi Germany German conservatives helped Hitler and the Nazis to power. They thought they could control him and the Nazis. The Nazis were attacking communists and socialists and sending them to the concentration camps. So German conservatives held there noses and hoped for the best. To me the US Democrats are like the German conservatives. To me America has no left wing political party. US Republicans are like our Far Right racist political parties and Democrats weak response to US Republicans only empowers them and there racism. The US need more and stronger Trade unions to have a true left wing political party.


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