How to make a GOWN pattern (Michael Costello Inspired)

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Learn how to make your own gown pattern following these few easy steps.

1. Did Michael Costello show you how to make gowns?
— No. This is something I taught myself. Most of the time spent in Michael Costello showroom I would usually do everything in the styling room where all his gowns, accessories, and shoes were. Honestly, I was always scared to sew his gowns… afraid that I would possibly mess up his garments lol.

2. Is this the way Michael Costello make his gown patterns?
— I would usually be in the sewing room when Michael Costello was working… never saw his making any patterns. I usually always saw him draping… but there are several ways to make a gown pattern and this is just one of the many ways.

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  1. this is by far the easiest most beautiful gown tutorial I found!!
    so excited !! I am pregnant and so I couldn't use the pencil skirt and t-shirt
    to cut out my mermaid dress so I combined your tutorial along with
    Black Dimand DIY fashion video and I got it cut!! I will send you a pic on how it turned out.
    more beautiful diy gown tutorials would be great!!
    Eliabeth paredes

  2. Hey Brit ! I love your videos everything you do is 'A1' lol but I was wondering if you could do a slight tutorial on how to apply the lace to the mesh ? I'm really interested in making a lace mesh gown 🙂

  3. You're very talented 🙂 Great job on the dress pattern. The only thing is that towards the end, you didn't leave the images on long enough. I would like to study the details. But overall, two thumbs up.

  4. Hey Brit! I really love how simple and easy your dyi is! If possible, would you be able to make a tutorial on the red long sleeve lace backless gown by Michael Costello? I've been dying to have a dress like that but his dresses do not come cheap 🙁

  5. I love those gowns. I went to fashion school a long time ago but could not continue. But I still sew from time to time or as I can say reconstruct old clothes and make new outfits out of them, because fabric is so expensive now days. Thank you for showing how you made the gown pattern it seemed so effortless.

  6. I will brilliant work Brit, love it, but could you show how to make a full dress like Michael Castello lace gown instead of just skirt!!???
    Please, I'm dying to learn to sew my own dress.

  7. I will brilliant work Brit, love it, but could you show how to make a full dress like Michael Castello lace gown instead of just skirt!!???
    Please, I'm dying to learn to sew my own dress.

  8. Love this pattern making tutorial…could u put one up of u making a gown using this formula? I have an idea for a gown like this but with lace on the bottom but kind of underneath the main fabric or lace as every other panel on the bottom if that makes any sense lol (I'm very new to sewing) 🙂 thanks for your videos!!!!

  9. with your pattern can I do a wedding gown with that because I have to do one for next year and I have never done a wedding dress ever kind of scared and she wants a fit and flare and its kind of hard finding a wedding gown pattern for that

  10. U always talk about working in his studio on here and IG,could u maybe make a video talking about your experience and some things u learned far as business wise and tips for other fashion majors

  11. I was wondering could you help me learn to make a full length sheath gown with a v- neckline. This is my first time making a dress and i am trying to create my dream dress

  12. You are absolutely amazing!! These tutorials are the best!! Especially since I don't have the money to buy all my favorite fashions pieces because I'm living on my own and I'm trying to pay for college, I love that I can learn how to make them instead!!

  13. hi thank you this video is really helpful! I'm entering a fashion designing competition but I'm much better at the designing then the making part so this video's helped a lot 🙂 xx

  14. Hey just wondering, in the thumbnail you have a picture of the Beyoncé dress from Grammys (2012 I believe) how was that made? Is it an appliqué (the white part) or does the fabric come like that? Because the fabric is nude but you can't see through it. Thanks!

  15. I absolutely love your tutorials!.  I have been sewing for nearly 20 yrs, and have learned so much from you.  Thank you for sharing your gift!!
    BTW I made this gown in a lime green stretch lace that  I underlined in a nude stretch tricot I also used to create a facing for the neckline and sleeve cuff. It turned out absolutely perfect….

  16. I paid. I am willing to support another fashionista/seamstress for their willingness to teach. $3.99 is VERY reasonable! You have to invest in order to get the most out of your craft. You cannot expect everything to be free. Thank you for this tutorial. It made things much more simple!😃😘

  17. if I do this on my paper that's already 30" at the bottom will that make the finished pattern piece to wide in the end? is that why you start with 17" ?


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