How to Light and Smoke a Cigar

Smoking a cigar is akin to drinking a fine wine says WSJ’s Will Lyons. He explains, with the help of cigar connoisseur Ranald Macdonald, how to light, smoke and savor a cigar. Photo: Getty Images
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Comment (56)

  1. Campbpar, Where did he come off about having a super sensitive palette? Just because he said something about leaving the delicious favors behind as you exhale?
    Do you get offended by people who use a knife and fork? Or blow their nose on a paper napkin instead of doing a famers' blow?
    Next you're gonna get butt hurt about people who use toilet paper instead of their fingers. Those pretentious assholes, huh? Trying to talk down to the simple people, huh?

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you Dumbass but he is obviously smoking a cigar in a room filled with cigar boxes which are filled with cigars you are obviously a novice cigar smoker if thats not plain…… want to deny the obvious ?
    As Many Many others have also commented here and questioned you with the same thing ????
    And you have attacked everyone who has made a comment….
    And as far as the Thumb Nail Cap removal that only works on a handfull of cigars at best…
    Brighten up. You sound foolish… lay off the Earl Grey brush up on your TEETH and your Cigar knowledge. .. ✌yank

  3. The man has open boxes of cigars, he puffs on his cigar in a keen emotion. The man is a fool. Smoking a fine cigar ruins it for others, the swirling smoke of the lit cigar will damage the taste of other cigars, usually leaving a burnt tobacco taste. Not only is he a novice in cigar smoking, but his taste of clothing is horrible. Pink trousers? Preposterous!

  4. firat of all… he put the lighter spot on to the cigar, which would char the flavor. he was rushing and not taking the time to toast. second, why is he smoking in a humidor? that is just disrespect. im 18 years old and i like my cigars with flavor and not be a douchbag by smokin in a humidor.

  5. I'm so glad I saw this video. Ever since I saw him lift the cap of his cigar like that, it's been my go-to method when I don't have a cutter handy. If done right it looks almost as clean as a guillotine cut would.


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