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Today, we’re teaching you how adults inject insulin in 7 simple steps. For all our advice, see our Insulin page:

How to inject insulin in 7 simple steps:

Step 1: Check your kit and prepare your pen
Step 2: Wash and dry your hands
Step 3: Choose a spot to inject
Step 4: Prime your pen
Step 5: Inject at a 90 degree angle
Step 6: Count to 10 to allow the insulin to absorb
Step 7: Clean up!


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  1. I have this question .. so I might be going to the UK for work next year and u know the insulin is so expensive .. so is there a way to get ut free or something .. pls I need an answer ?

  2. I hate needles, but my brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes so I decided to learn. I have never felt more sick in me entire life than when you stuck the needle in your leg. My god, almost passed out xD

  3. Does the outer thigh hurt less sitting down? I dread giving myself the injections because I hate needles and the last couple injections have hurt like hell. I’m newly diagnosed and struggling with giving myself the injections

  4. i don't understand why people are been told to only inject below the belly button when at least 2 charts plus my insulin monitoring app shows that you can inject above the belly button. So no wonder so many diabetics have problems the amount of even the most simplistic advice which contradicts other sites is crazy. As an example i use the Diabetes:M app for keeping track and even that shows injection above the belly button is acceptable

  5. There are 10 place WHEREyou can give a shot Left & right back of arm . Left & right side of belly button. Left & right upper leg thigh. Left & right outer thigh. Left & right buttocks . Remember it is important to rotate injections sights. Always measure two fingers from the last shot given.

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