How to Drink Scotch | TIME

Master Distiller Richard Paterson of The Dalmore shows TIME’s Josh Sanburn the real way to drink scotch.
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How to Drink Scotch | TIME

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Comment (147)

  1. ogh comrads you lukz zo funny from here! In russia we have bears and and we have vodka , so there are only two Russian steps of drinking. Step 1- drink it,Step 2- Pray the lord that it was not a bear. Trust me, i'm the eldest alcoholic in my family, I'm almost seven.

  2. I'm a regular scotch drinker, however I don't drink scotch like this.
    1) I drink scotch in a rocks glass neat. I hate using stems because my hands are worker hands. I've broken a few glasses with just my touch. I like to feel a real cup, and the best choice for me is a rocks glass.
    2) I don't add ice because it dilutes good scotch. It's best to have it at room temperature to get the most flavor of it. When I was younger I experimented with hennesey and I got the most out of it by heating it. I don't want to heat good scotch because you lose some of it's alcohol content, but you'll get more flavor.
    3) I splash about a table spoon amount on in mouth for the test while slightly sniffing the rocks glass. That way you have it in your mouth and noise. Let your tongue meddle with the substance left right, then the back to your more sensitive taste buds. Then you swallow.

    Although I'm no gentleman, I do like scotch and drink it well. I'm not one to try it like wine now treat it the same. I've been through that faze, and there's nothing worse than pretending your a gentleman at a bar when you show up in jeans and callus fingertips. If you're a serious drinker, I recommend you doing this at home away from others. You won't get to enjoy it to the fullest with others around you because they'll laugh like some of the other people in the comment section. If you just like the taste of scotch and don't want to look snobby, I suggest doing my method because it's what is expected from any drinker. 

  3. More like how to get in trouble whilst trying to hook up with scotch. Throwing that to other people will surely get you in a big trouble before you even drink it with all those non-sense gay hello thingy

  4. Throw away whiskey? HAHA what a scam. If you want to get the best flavor from your cigarette take one out light it, throw it away, and then start with a new. This will take any obscuring flavors from your tongue.

  5. To be fair, you could just put a tad bit of water and give it a swirl in your glass then toss that out. It's only really to rinse the glass fully to make sure it's perfectly clean. Instead of using the Whisky, of course. But I guess if you're really hardcore you can go ahead and do it with the Whisky lol

  6. When he's talking about saying "Hello", "How are you", and "Very well, thank you very much" it's about how long you keep the glass to your nose to take in the scents. I know, using deeper thought is tough for most people. Just keep buying your Highland Mist and tell yourself you love fine scotch…

  7. "I'm getting feces and buntakala an zambian sort of herbs and carrots, Dook with hot sick ass in a dead carcass, a most plentiful stew of famine and malnutrition, a perfect, perfect dram"

  8. Why are a bunch of idiots who "just wanna get shitfaced" watching a video on how to drink scotch? Go get shitfaced with bottom shelf vodka. People talk about him wasting a drop of scotch by rinsing the glass…i think you are wasting the whole bottle of your just taking shots of it to get smashed. Different alcohols for different reasons but Scotch is meant to be savored and enjoyed and this guy knows his stuff. I have tried his methods for Scotch and although my palate is nowhere near as refined as his I have gotten much better at picking out notes and flavours and it really does make a world of difference when enjoying the whisky. My two cents.

  9. I tried it.
    I said:"Hello!"
    I said:"How are you?"
    The Whisky said:"I have a boyfriend!"
    The Sherry behind me yelled:"I'M A VEGAN!"

    This was the first and last time in a feminist bar.

  10. These video are the top of stupidity, how to drink is simple, open mouth, put whisky in the mouth, swallow the whisky…don’t need a 5 minutes video from some snob for that


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