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Motivation will eventually run out, so: How do we become more disciplined with studying?

In this motivational video, we discuss 5 study tips that will help you develop self-discipline as a student.

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How to stay focused while studying:
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0:00 Intro
0:39 STUDY TIP 1: Schedule in time for you to rest first
2:01 FREE NOTION TEMPLATE (sign up in description box)
2:57 STUDY TIP 2: Do things with intention
4:25 STUDY TIP 3: How to make a routine and stick to it
5:47 STUDY TIP 4: Don’t start at the perfect time
7:12 YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS: no system, no gaols

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  1. HI BESTIES~ Comment of the day: If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? 🦁🐨🐻 Istg you guys comment on my videos faster than me AHAHA If you enjoyed this video, be sure to LIKE and SHARE (click 'share' then 'copy link') so our family will continue growing~ ❤️ gtg reply to your comments now~

  2. tysm for this video!! my goal right now is to achieve top 3 in a levels because government provides scholarships for those to study anywhere they want! and i really wanna go study psychology abroad

  3. Aaaa sorry iam late… Honestly you have helped me improve so much in my studies..I was a pretty good student before lockdown but lockdown had got me a little dull but out all study channels your study style suites me really well …Thank you Faye ❤️Lots of love ❤️ from India 🇮🇳

  4. Hey i really get distracted when im doing maths cuz i hate that . But i want to get disciplined in that part. Like if the sums are getting hard then i loose motivation n get distracted. Love your videos but i hope u see my comment n help me with this

  5. Being a girl from a kinda conservative family I've seen alot of women from my family not persuing their studies and going for jobs. So one thing I'd definitely like to achieve in life is a successful career that can help me get independent in my own life. I wanna be proud of who I am and make my parent's proud too.

  6. The ultimate aim of my life surely is to focus on every little goals along with the process (system) enjoying embracing and endeavoring my little chunks of happiness in every circumstances.💞 Faye thank you so much for the video. The lesson which I learnt today is Disciple over motivation.🧿🌷

  7. Thanks FAYE!! YOU"RE THE BEST!!

  8. my life goal is to become a social worker and help people get through their hardest times. I wanna be a shelter for all those who need support and their happiness will make me happy I am going to work for it my studying rn because I am an 11 the grader and I have to good grades so I can get into good uni and also participating in many campaigns for helping people❤️❤️

  9. I always wanted to be a fashion designer and I know that I will work so hard for it. 💜 🎇BTW i love you videos' you always motivate . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT !! 💜

  10. That's my foremost problem., not knowing for what I'm doing this hard work when I can just chill reading some potter's life story. I'm not attracted to anything but still chose sci-stream, having a temporary goal while all of 'em surrounding you are striving to save lives as a doc or wanna be a bio-tec or just something, I really feel lonely as everyone seems to have an inner motivation [which I obviously lack], and only with a thin string of outer motivation Idk how far it gonna take me, I'm scared but at least I'm a bit happy that I'm taking steps to give rise to my own fire of motivation by watching vids like urs, Thank you faye~ <3

  11. Thank you so so so much…it was really helpful..each and every problem that you mentioned happens with me a lot, and I was stressing too much about it from the past few weeks..this video is really very helpful to me. Thank you so much once again..❤️😌

  12. Took Maths,physics,chemistry and computer science for A levels and was having a hard time managing all the subjects, but your videos really helped me out through the process

  13. My goal in life is to make my parents proud and make them feel that all the time, energy and resources they invested in me were worth it. I want to become a doctor and that is supposedly the longest career course here in India. It almost takes around 10 years after finishing school to become a doctor; even if you clear every exam in the first attempt. I want to be the rich man they would want me to marry.
    For this I am trying to make discipline a part of my daily routine, so that it no more feels difficult. Another important point is to revise the stuff taught to me on the day itself and finish an assignment as soon as I know it exists. And as you said make time for my resting time. 😉
    Thanks for all the lovely videos you make. It actually makes me feel that my ambitions are achievable. Lots of love. <3

  14. Osm video i will try this and will try to be consistency please make many many videos i really enjoy your video and get motivation but at end i am just planning but never executed but now i will try to be consistent . I got your channel randomly and now i am addicted i have seen your every video many times but never commentet only i like them.
    Osm videos 😀😀😀

  15. My goal is get good grades , get in into a good college and become a doctor . i am in 8th grade and this is the first time i am thinking about my education and that i want to work towards these goals . I think i will work towards it and study properly now and try my best

  16. Ilysm ….. U are so inspiring , clear and most importantly relatable to every one of us … Tysm for motivating us every single time … U really help us … 🍀🍀

  17. May i ask content about how can i adjust between my own schedule and my lecturers' schedule. They always sent their planner for the students b4 the next class.

    Thank in advance ❤️

  18. My life goal is to be someone i am proud of, i want to be a artist living in germany or paris, has straight a’s and happy. I will start to love the journey and not focus on the end goal

  19. Sorry about this, i want to ask something.

    how to make a break schedule, if the time we use for school is from 7 am to 1 pm, for tutoring from 3 pm to 5 pm, and for sports practice at the club from 7.30 pm to 9 pm? and on the sidelines of that time there must always be activities that make me not get rest or free time.

    Please help me, I'm having a hard time making a schedule because there are so many activities…


  20. my life goal is to become a doctor , and I love to being a doctor thanks faye for motivating us with such videos ,thank u so much
    I know that u are from Malaysia , and I am from India

  21. My goal in life is to be a role model for someone because that shows you are on the right path !! I study hard along with enjoying the process and want to show that studying can not always be boring

  22. My goal is to finish school with good grades and to find a job that i will like at least a bit! I want to take care of my pet dog and make him happy.I want to help my perents in anything i can!

  23. " Annddd u definitely don't need to wait until the clock is an even no. To start studying…….

    I literally went like….👀

    Since When did u start to read our minds???? 👻

  24. I'm saying this in the nicest way possible..

    Kindly remove the camera that you have placed in my room…. It's creepy when you predict what I'm doing before every video ok!!? 😭
    .. No need to tell anyone that😶

  25. Fayeeeee ily 🥺🤍 Your videos are like a reassurance and motivation for me to start. I used to be such a great students this early year and i thought i need to double my effort since i technically 'forced' into Science class (our principle won't allow us to change classes) and it doesn't make sense since my math marks were always on the verge of failing while my science is just meh. Then i changed schools because i moved to another place, and i lost all my consistency and motivation to study even if i tried to stick to my schedule but failed everytime. It took a toll on my mental space and social media is my only escape, while tons of my homework and studies are neglected. I will take SPM next year and how it will affect my future really scares me because i wanted to make my parents proud and have a good job but its frustrating that i kept on avoiding to actually study and work on it. Your channel is a lifesaver and i will try your methods to start. Tysm! I also wished all SPM candidates and anyone who will be taking any kinds of exams the best

  26. Thank you so much for the tips and advices. Gotta say I watched this with my mom and we both enjoyed the video all the way to the end!
    My life goal is to be a happy and successful person! My dream jobs would be architecture and art/animation (I draw daily, which brings me joy so im sure i wont be dissapointed if i make it one of my careers in the future!). I also want to spoil my parents in the future <33, they've done alot for me and waiting to finish my studies to do that is just upseting, there are so much things i want to do for them! With all that being said, I really just want to be happy with my loved ones, do the things i enjoy with hardwork, passion and patience!
    Alright thats all, I hope everyone can have a safe journey toward their goals too, Lov u :D!

  27. In my country there's an university entrance exam which is going to determine my future career, so I'm preparing for this exam and I'm trying to make myself a study routine, I actually enjoy learning new things but I haven't been organized before and I'm struggling a lot now as I try to build myself a proper system to achieve my goal, that's why I'm here watching your videos to get motivated and improve my studying methods, thank you so much for your videos, they are so useful plus I love your energy…
    Best wishes from Iran 😉

  28. My life goal is be a good hearted person in the world and to become a Doctor and clear UPSC ( Indian examination) to become an IAS officer in INDIA 🇮🇳 ♥ and to do something good to the society which will last even after my death.

  29. My life goal is to be a Neurosurgeon …I am working pretty hard . I will crack NEET(entrance exam for med school in india ) . I have this exam in the starting of 2023 .

  30. wait I have to think whenever I open your video how do you already know what's happening to me?? Are you watching me Faye. Whenever I have a problem I am like "Anyways I have got Faye she must have a solution" Thank you so much .


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