how time goes by while doing homework

just making videos like axol, steveee and other

#minecraft #meme #memes

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  1. Students when the bell rings: Yay time to go home!
    Teacher: No one is going anywhere, finish your assignment
    Students: Pls time is over
    Teacher: NoOOoo
    Students: That’s it Imma go home now
    Teacher: no, school is fun
    Students: then what’s fun?
    Teacher: uhhhh……….
    Students: see, now we’re gonna leave
    Also students: Were bored anyways

  2. this is my perspective in my school

    PE:so much DRAMA.

    LA: my teacher talks to much about when she was little.

    SCIENCE: literally so easy five minutes and we get to talk to our friends.

    MATH: kinda hard for fractions but we get to have partners every time and if we don’t finish the work we still get full grade

    So I think it’s all pretty easy but for other people this video is probably true.


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