How This 8,000-Pound Crystal Went From Mine To Smithsonian | Big Business

With their Instagram and self-care appeal, crystals have exploded in popularity. But as demand has soared, so have the prices. And collectors are willing to pay millions. It’s priced federally funded museums out of the industry. So how did the Smithsonian land a multimillion-dollar quartz? And how did the industry get so big to begin with? To find out, we followed the Smithsonian’s newest crystal from its mine in Arkansas to the world’s largest gem show to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.


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How This 8,000-Pound Crystal Went From Mine To Smithsonian | Big Business

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  2. What a beautiful crystal. The miners are very smart in diversifying the mine the way that they did. The Smithsonian is lucky to have such generous donors. It’s on my bucket list to visit the museum and spend time looking at as much as I can.

  3. Charles Noble – the Master Rigger responsible for moving the Crystals has to be verrrry careful. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to watch this man and his team work getting the Crystals to their display areas.

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  5. Never trust a crystal dealer.

    They have no function. Let's not destroy more nature so we can have a bunch of hippys and fashionistas and the wealthy showing off their shiny rocks.

    We already lost reality with Diamond. Have we not learnt?

  6. This reminded me of the one time we grew crystals in a college chemistry course. We waited a week to see the final form of the crystals and they were tiny yet beautiful.

  7. "The industry is worth over a billion dollars". Well given that the single trade show in Tucson sells $5 billion over 3 weeks I think the entire industry is worth a bit more than that.

  8. The Smithsonian hides a lot of things. Did you know that here is no genuine dinosaur sculptures in public leading to conspiracy. They used to publish stories showing pictures of giant human skeletons but they don't address the I s even though there's proof they used to document it.
    O my god that lady w the crystal healing. Just listen to her voice and imagine handing your money over. New age rich ppl are easier to scam than poor religious ppl.

  9. i like how that guy explains the increase in price like inflation is a shock lol not to mention the planet now has way more people living on it every decade and with each new gen more people who like rocks and shit get after it lol less to go around for everybody pretty simple


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