How The RealReal Cashes In on Pre-Owned Luxury Brands | WSJ

Resellers of designer clothing and apparel say there’s no reason to be closeted about buying and selling pre-owned luxury wearables. The RealReal consignment company is cashing in on the trend.

Photo: Lydia Randall/WSJ

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  1. I just recently read an article on Google about the real real that said, most of their stuffs are not really authenticated coz the authenticators have to authenticate a number of many goods to be able to meet their daily and monthly goals …. so they don’t take their time to authenticate lots of their stuffs .. so I’ve switched to fashionphile now , I don’t trust the real real anymore..

    They say they 100% authenticate but they really don’t ..

  2. People who come are great but then the site lists your items for nothing and allow people to use a 20% coupon on top of that! You have no control over what they ask! If it sells before you ask for it back, you’re out of luck! Sell on your own! If you want to buy things, you can get great though. Just be careful that they are not fakes and are Realreal

  3. 70 percent viscose and 25 percent polymade, ewwwwww the fabric quality of that alaia dress is horrible. Well only 'if' its of the outer fabric and not the inner lining. Though from the skirt part i see no inner lining

  4. The " RealSteal" lost 2 very expensive and rare designer clothing items. They lied to me for months after asking for them back. They took no responsibility for " not being able to find my new Chanel and other high end French designer clothing." Do NOT to business with the "RealSteal !"

  5. Go to @Reinvintagecollection they sell authentic archive fashion, actually there are plenty of other small businesses that sell REAL luxury brands and furniture on Instagram who are owned and ran by people who work in the industry as stylist ect. It’s a legit passion for them not just a finesse game of chain stores or a “Higher” end Plato’s closet 😆

  6. I just cant get over him wearing nasty sliders with a suit! YUCK!!!!! Lazy people shoes! unless you are at the beach or in the shower sliders are not proper foot wear! And your feet will remind you of it later in life! and expensive clothes? Divide it out by how many times you will wear it to justify it……If you only wear something once, why would you spend hundreds or thousands on it, I don't care if you are rich! It's wasteful

  7. Wow….its hard to imagine that this world exists. The clothes i give to goodwill are often rejected…..REJECTED BY GOODWILL! How can THAT many people afford to spend that much money on clothing? How is that possible??? Absolutely fascinating!

  8. I work as a fashion promoter for many luxury brands, I have to go to the main warehouse to check the quality of the items sometimes, trust me the real price of them are like 3-4 times cheaper. So when they sell off like 50%, they still get a lot of profit from these items. The real value is not for the items, it is for the company, for the luxurious boutiques in special positions in the malls, for the handsome bonuses to the staff LOL and for the experience. Wealthy people are dumb!

  9. This company should be more transparent with the items they sell. I purchased an $800 Louis Vuitton backpack from them that was in worse condition than their pictures showed. The Real Real purposefully took pictures in angles that hid the damage to the straps of the backpack. Now I have to pay more money for Louis Vuitton to replace the straps. Had I known this item was faulty I would not have purchased it. Selling bags as "final sale" while hiding their true condition and expecting the consumer to be okay with their sneaky sales tactics is abhorrent.

  10. Don't waste your money go to Goodwill, salvation army, thrifty store.
    Billion dollar industry yeah right, it's all rich people's game don't fall for it.
    Pay your rent, pay car insurance, pay gas, buy your children some clothes & shoes, buy a new car don't waste your money on high end brand names it's all scam.

  11. Yeah – us big girls have NO chance. Shoes and accessories, maybe. And comparing cars to clothing doesn't work. Clothing is intimate; it's been lived in, sweated in, perfumed in, and been right next to your skin. A car can't say that.

  12. These people think that if you raise your voice at the end of each sentence then that is the truth. Just came from Diet Prada.

  13. I use to work at the realreal and it felt like prison. The only thing management cared about was only the quota and it randomly got raised all the time. I use to see copywriters getting fired left and right due to not hitting their quota or having to many correction. It is true that no one outside of the authentication department was trained to authenticate. Working in the facility in Secaucus, NJ I felt like a bird trapped between concrete walls with no windows. Everyone working like slaves just to hit the quota meanwhile management would just get together, gossip and treat you like a number. I've seen people have mental breakdown and it got so bad that everyday I woke up I would punch the wall of my room because I did not want to go there, I had rather kill myself than be there. They treat the employees like robots and they lie to their customers.

  14. I like how these comments are basically blaming the rich for all their waste when it's mostly everyday consumers… People who aren't consider "the rich" in first world countries. The blame game 101. The rich do this, the rich do that. The rich should pay for this, the rich should pay for that. It's hilarious honestly.

  15. The customer service at this company is atrocious! If you are considering consigning with them, just know they price items well below the value. So, of course, they sell everything quickly! Good for the buyers, of course. It's impossible to get anyone to really answer any questions coherently too. Terrible experience!

  16. I honestly think diseases like syphilis is a thing that only upper income people get and spread not to mention skin fungi etc… I would never buy a second-hand item I'm a serious germaphobe. I don't care what luxury brand name it has. Kinda like viruses bacteria and fungus… they don't care how much money people spend on items. Now you know where you got that skin disease from after you bought something luxury secondhand item off the internet when you never had it before…

  17. I feel like a lot of what is happening in the world is just people cooperating and communicating more and that companies are losing out on not being able to sell 50 cent trousers for 500 dollars. I bet they are suing them.

  18. I was heavily inclined to BRANDS for clothings & footwear during my university days … Now that I earn more I don't care about brands … Just anything which looks comfortable & good … Even if it's on sale on road 🛣️🙂 … Now I feel like puking 🤢 of anyone talks about brands.

  19. The RealReal DOES NOT sell close to retail. Nobody buys used clothing at full price. You buy used clothing because you want a deal. At least 50% off retail. The average price for resale is 25% of the. Original retail. EBay used to own this business 100%. Now there are many sites. It is a buyers market when it used to be a sellers market.


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