How the Mercedes-Benz ESF (2019) Makes Traffic Safer

The ESF 2019 is safety on wheels. The research vehicle is packed full of surprising and innovative tech and features – coloured lights, projective panels and a robot. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: />
The car represents how much safer the future of mobility can be.

Mercedes-Benz introduced the world’s first airbag to the market. Its engineers have gone way beyond that with the ESF 2019, exploring new technology to protect passengers and others even more. Intuitive communication features strengthen what we call informed trust, using turquoise lights to signal that the vehicle is driving in automated mode.

Since 2002, thanks to PRE-SAFE® technology, Mercedes-Benz vehicles can react to dangerous situations before they come up. The ESF 2019 adds even more functions.

While the ESF 2019 is surely a complex work of engineering, it is designed to be intuitive in order to make pedestrians, cyclists or other drivers just as safe as its own passengers.

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  1. ESF= Especially safer for driving, sure driving isnt in the name but every company doesnt include "if" or "or", but i know mercedes includes everything in their cars for performance, safety, and looking cool 😎

  2. Wow, it's great to see what we imagined years back has become a reality. I thought watching Knight Rider had left me fantasised of seeing modern cars that can think on it's own, but now all of our wishes came true.
    Good job Mercedes-Benz 🙆‍♂️.

  3. Nice Music choice, nice acting, I would've liked it better if the model smiled to the car after it said "watch out" or did the actor said watch out? anyways, a smile can never go wrong. Loved everything about it except the grill. I still like the grills without all the silver dots. But everything else is gorgeous. Keep up the great work. Das Beste oder Nichts:)

  4. Thats acutally a reall good idea but i don't think that we need the lights on the top of the roof. Maybe it is better between the windows and the roof

  5. Cool idea but too many lights. The supplemental lights should be bright enough to see, but not distracting to other drivers. And definitely not adding more light pollution to roads.

  6. I think the only way of introducing self driving cars would be the creation of separate self driving car lanes on highways and in the cities. My idea is that instead of building new roads you would cover the strips on the old ones with special devices that would inform the car of it's position at all times. I think this is the only way of doing this because I don't believe humans have it in them to not cause traffic accidents. An auro driving car is supposed to be ultra safe and reliable while a human driver can fall asleep or have something distract him from his driver duties to the point it becomes dangerous to everyone around him. Separate lanes for vehicles like the one in the video would allow for a safer driving experience as all of the safe vehicles would get their own lanes separated from the 'dangerous' vehicles. Of course, the richer countries could make specially designed asphalt strips of all of the auto cars to make it even safer than they already are however I don't think every country in the world has a budget big enough to do that. That's why I think these maybe radio emiting devices are the future of the automotive industry and that the first company to succesfully introduce it will win the race to create the first automatically driven car.

  7. Imagine an other car companie already did this but better and not looking like a christmas tree with four wheels… Now stop imagine.

    (tesla) And realtalk, thats a concept car that isnt avaiable for everyone. May be its better than Tesla but it isnt made for the mass. And no one will buy a car that looks like this. Step up your game mercedes and start to be innovative. And the rest of the german car industrie should start to be innovative to.

  8. Focus on building cars that are reliable. I’m sure adding more of this nonsense crap will only add the electronic and mechanical issues. Nice going. How about we teach people on how to drive properly then have all these features that take away the point of DRIVING. catch the bus or train if you want a true autonomous driving experience

  9. So Mercedez is going to embezzle me for over 1 Mill for a high spec Ambulance ? Jokes on you…I got $ 20 in my bank account Regret dab


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