How saying ‘Yes’ changed everything for Adair Park

An Atlanta couple helped turn around the Adair Park neighborhood with their bike shop program for kids at Bearings Bike Shops. It all started with a little girl asking for glue.

Learn more about Bearings Bike Shops:

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  1. Only 21k views… SMH why isn't this shared on FB like all the trash videos are on the daily, e.g., people getting knocked out, beheadings, shootings etc…
    Sad 🌎
    People quick to talk smack bout others but what we need is this in our lives… Lord help!!!

  2. He Worked Those Young Boys And Girls Of Color As If They Are Salves. People's Of Color Stop Being Fooled. The True And Living God, Your Mother And Your School Teachers Helped You. Don't Ever Forget That. Those Caucasians Are Getting Rich Off Of The Childrens Of Color.

  3. All The Young Female Ask Them Did They Have Any Glue And The Caucasian People's Said Yes You Have To Work For It. If A Caucasian Person Came Too A Person Of Color Home And Needed Glue And We Had We Would Not Have Said Yes You Have Too Work For It. Something Is Wrong With That Picture. That's One Of The Very Reason Why Little Boys And Little Girls Get Taking Advantage Of By Adult Men And Adult Women The Child Or Children Ask For Something Then The Grown Up Say What You Gonna Do For Me. This Is Sad To Me. Young Lady Don't Ever Give Up On Your Daddy Please Young Lady Talk Too Your Daddy And Find Out What's Going On In His Life First Before You Give The Credit Of Your Success Too Someone Else. Your Daddy May Not Have Had A Father Or A Father Figure In His Life In Order Too Be The Father You Are Looking For As A Female Going Through This Life. Too All Of The Parents Of Color Be Very Very Careful Who You Let Your Child Or Children Be Around. Sometimes People's Mean Well And Sometimes They Don't. Be With Your Child Or Children When They Are With A Stranger Or Strangers In Your Neighborhood. Sometimes A Innocent Child Or Innocent Children Share There Personal Problem About What's Going On In There Household Too People's That Befriend Them And They Not Thinking Then The Next Thing You Know That Person That Befriend Your Child Or Children Begin Too Turn Your Child Or Children Against You And Before You Know Anything That Person That Your Child Or Children Trust Begin Too Gain Control Over Your Child Or Children. I Don't Have Anything Against People's Wanting Too Help Our Child Or Children Of Color However We People's Of Color Seems Too Trust The Caucasian People's With Our Child Or Children. The Question I Will Ask Will The Caucasians Trust There Child Or Children With You My Sisters And Brothers Of Color. Just Be Care Parents Who You Trust Your Child Or Children With Male Or Female. In This Interview I Don't See Know Caucasian Child Or Children In This Video.


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