How Puppies Train To Be Guide Dogs

For 70 years, the Guide Dog Foundation has been training puppies to be guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired. At a young age, the dogs are introduced to their harness so it becomes a familiar and fun object. About half the dogs that go through the training program become guide dogs. The foundation’s main concern is making sure the dog is happy and ready for their lifelong career.

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  1. Shoutout to the blond you’re youtuber called molly Burke. She is amazing and she has a really cute guide dog called gallop. She just talks about being blind. I love her you should go watch her. ❤️

  2. A: I need help. Nobody helps me. B: What could we possibly do? (Ok solution in mind plus hidden grin.) A: I don't know. (EXCELLENT SOLUTION via OSMOSIS X.) B: (sudden burst of creativity) Maybe… maybe "X"?! A: YES YES that is it! You have saved me.

    [PORTMANTEAU joke btw – it will be so in in a month or three lol]

  3. I love dogs so much, but like, I always find it hilarious cuz I have a dog that's very good but just takes the largest shits in the entire world 🤣🤣🤣

    There's nothing wrong w/ him tho, just takes absurdly large turds

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  5. I am going to have a service dog. Not a guide dog but a diabetic dog because I have type one diabetes so you that’s a thing that I have and that is a thing that’s not fun!!!

    Edit: not you but ya

  6. The bond is indescribable!!! Dog is creature, who love selfless and extremely loyal!!! I can't imagine my life without them! They deserve lot more place on this planet 🌸

  7. Stop lying and misinforming people! Dogs don't want a job. Humans want them to have jobs. They just do that to please humans because they love them. All they want is love and affection. Dogs aren't tools to make humans' lives more convenient. No animal is.

  8. So I'm planning on on starting to train guide dogs I'm legally blind myself and have trained dogs my whole life would you guys have any advice or any jobs for people in Cincinnati Ohio

  9. I have a friend with as Guide Dog. I had a Hearing Dog. She's crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The four of us first met at a traffic light, they were a new, new team. The guide dog wanted to explore my dog (I was to the man's right, dogs to our left). I told him what was happening. The four of us became friends. I've met my puppy raisers – super wonderful people.

  10. my pup might start training to be a guide dog due to my congenital nystagmus which is only getting worse. im on the edge of being able to drive a car so i dont think ill be able to have a drivers license etc. my puppy is a 16week old white german shepherd and hes already learned so much and loves learning so i believe he'll do good for the job

  11. This is so heart warming and mutual to me, the first day I started with my guide dog I was unsure, but once I learned how safe and at ease it made me feel we began to grow an unbreakable bond. To this day (6 years later on 9/12) we still work as a team and I have had more confidence knowing she's there to protect me in ways I can't myself is just astonishing.

  12. This was so touching. I cried, too. I'm glad to know they do a reward based program rather than correction based, too. It makes dogs want to help instead of afraid to mess up.

  13. I understand that guide dog training takes 2 years including their foster homes and later their schooling. I am familiar with MIRA in Montreal. Do you do guide and other service dogs? Autism, other assistance, seizure alerting?

  14. Considering that guide dogs are for the visually impaired, this video, which is about guide dogs, isn't very accessible to those who have a vision impairment or are blind. Disapointed in Insider.

  15. Guided dogs, who are so grateful and precious to be trained only for humans, thank you so much for all those hard training and helping humans. I sincerely hope you are always happy to meet good owners.


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