How Much Do Youtubers Make On Short Content

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  1. the only way to make money with shorts is to do what 2014 pewds did just collect them all into one vid and post them lol this would be annoying if u are an animation channel.. so u would have to do a parody of urself "top 10 best animation in 2022 " and all the vids are from ur channel lol

  2. It's disheartening as a viewer that creators are pretty much forced to hit the 8 and 10 minute marks, because the magic of early youtube came from the short, 2-6 minute-long videos. If you just wanted to sit down and relax, you'd finish so many youtube vids back in the day in the same time it takes to watch only a couple today. All these length rules do is force creators to pad videos which in turn makes for dull content, and waste more time for viewers.

  3. My channel is all about short content, and whilst not as popular as some of the verified channels commenting I have had popular content. The amount of money for the less than 10 second videos is about 0.30$/1000 views, for the 2 minute videos it's around 1$/1000 views.

  4. This honestly just made me lose motivation, I make beats its not like I can stretch every beat i make to 8-10 minutes thats not how they are supposed to be structured so now i know even if i do make it i wont be able to make shit off of it my dream was to make it big making music on yt now its crushed. I guess ill just keep moving forward.

  5. This isn’t all true to be honest, I had a 30 second video with 1,3 million views and it got $700. I think there is something wrong with the channel

  6. Hey I wanted to say something rq, I make short videos, around 1m – 3m, if your video is in a shorts format and its views mostly come from shorts then the money youre going to make is VERY low just as you have shown, but if you make normal 1m to 2m videos that arent in the shorts format and your video wont appear as a shorts video, then you will gain around $1 per 1000 views or more depending on the month, like one time on October I got around $4 per 1000 view on a 3:54 minute video.

  7. shorts are like a billboard, a device to direct the traffic to your main channel, in which your main, good content that would gather your revenue would be at.

  8. Just an idea for any animators out there. Why not just release a 3 or 4 episode video equalling long-form content? Or release the videos in short form, but once you have 3 or 4 of those released, take them down and upload them all stitched together?

  9. I think if you want to build a career, use short-form to get views and visits to your channel, but make long-form content to maybe eventually reach your goal of making a career.

  10. I'm not starting a channel because I want money. I just wanna show folks how to do stuff I had to figure out how to do on my own because there little to no useful information about it I could find on YouTube, also i wanna look in to some sort of way to meaningfully measure audio quality and sound stage etc on speakers and headphones. I wouldn't be making anything if someone else was doing it already, lots of silly nonsense on YouTube , plenty of extremely entertaining and high quality you tubers also. So yeah if not for that and the good camera on my iPhone and blue yeti pro I've had for like years and never used one time I probably wouldn't be making a channel. Oh yeah, the content will not be fantastic, just telling people stuff they can use. For example: if your in to gardening and want the best possible cloning gel/hormone whatever, use aloe. Cut a Spike off and dip your clones stems cut off bit in there and stick it your substrate. Why does this work? Youll needa watch my video to find out. Nah I'm jk, its the anti-fungal properties of aloe among other things I'm alnost 100% sure. I'll get in to it.

  11. The big issue is, shorts doesn't have ads + only mobile users watch them. Youtube currently pays you out of their own "wallet" for shorts. Why? They know that chances are, you'll be watching a channels main long videos and earning them more income from the ads on those.

  12. The reason you do not see certain content as much is what youtube allows at most besides governments that censorship. Any how the playlists I have has some censorship from my library with public videos I have…but yet I can see them on youtube studios. Corps do make the most power what is seen but any how besides the money thing for all the content allowed by all media varies besides ratings and tos stuff that makes little difference what is pushed as suggested videos. Any how controversial topics are one thing including on science ( I had a playlist on the periodic table that was publicly removed from view). Any how I still get analytics for playlists as well in what is interesting.

  13. Something with viewers and content creators…most are not elderly making money here and most are not female making money on such. It just is what it is. Good luck making money as a content creator

  14. Jesus turned water into wine. Charlie turned a 10 min video on how much short form YT videos make into a million dollars. Coincidence?

  15. 1:34 9yr old me would very much like to disagree as my first video was 13 minute long camera recording of a mario 64 flash fangame that i was addicted back in 2013, which fun fact was one year after i discovered what internet was

  16. people feel like they deserve thousands, or even hundreds, for a video under a minute long even if it gets a few million views lmaoooooooooo mindblowing
    $25-50/million for any video under a 30 seconds long and $50-75 for videos 30-1 min and then $100-250 per million for shorts between 1-2min

  17. Been writing this long before this video but Thank you for the huge charles channel, Doing that shit straight because of the craft. Mad respect moistman! I tried my runs with shorts and stopped everything all together. Hard to balance a fast food job and two kids with the garbage checks i was getting from shorts.

  18. i feel like we need a feature that changes the amount of money you get depending on the category so animators can make more money.
    and if a non animator bullshits about his video being animation people should report it as false information.

  19. TikTok and Short/Clip channels are usually not for financing your livelihood, but they can really help creators to grow faster, reach a wider audience and expand your own brand. For small creators I think this can be a good start if they only look out for growth in the beginning and not for money. And with the right steps they can manage to create something bigger through this.
    Very interesting topic and good video!

  20. It was nice knowing that back when a youtube channel was some person doing fun/interesting shit because he wanted to make people laugh/informed or just share his thoughts/opinions/life with others. You rooted for that person and it was interesting knowing what they earned.

    Now just reading this comment section gives me fucking depression "Use shorts if you're trying to expand your brand" and other crap talking about revenue and being a company. We've come so far just to fall. Everything is fake, everyone is an actor, everyone is playing media ping pong, everyone is trying to maximize profit.

  21. I was literally just fed an ad after this video, trying to sell people on getting rich making youtube content for some youtube manager company. Seamless enough that i didnt realize the video was actually over, and was confused why Charlie wasn't stopping the video to comment on it occasionally.


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