How LOW will Tesla Stock drop this week?

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  1. I believe in Tesla’s business but I wouldn’t make predictions base on the technical analysis. The new low is NOT 640. It went below 620 this morning. However I do believe in the business long term because of its fundamentals.

  2. Apple car is coming. How do you think this will affect Tesla's market share and stock price? Are you going to sell some Tesla and buy Apple? Would Tesla continue dropping in the coming weeks? Apple car would integrate well with Apple's ecosystem, would this hurt Tesla and other EV companies?

  3. HOT STOCK… going 20X .. 1000 pre-order flying taxi. EH, Ehang ahead of Tesla technology. Already flying in many countries and get into this before everyone does. I m still holding NIO from $12.

  4. Thanks for your videos

    Apologies for some of my ranting to you.

    I would like you to at least mention the risk of a price drop, when Tesla starts getting valued like a real company.

    Now that it is owned by institutions and funds, when it reports earnings it will be bought and sold on returns, not sentiment or hype.

    Happy investing

  5. Hoping for a fall today to get more stocks!! btw, can you comment on Quantumscape, it has risen way too much and it feels like a bubble to me since they don't have an actual product and their production plans are in 5~6 years.

    Thank you!

  6. If you are preparing a new video try and include a few words about Apple's car and Elon's statements regarding a takeover in the past at 1/10 of its current price. Thanks!

  7. Request for you!! Could you maybe do a wedge / support analysis for Bitcoin!? Projections? I think Bitcoin is going to blow within the next 12 months, but it does feel like we are in a bit of a bubble at the moment… Thanks!

  8. Hey CGS, thanks for all the great sharing 🔥🔥I recalled you previously mentioned in one of your videos on channel/website that share detailed projection for Tesla. Mind sharing which channel/website again? Thanks in advance 🙏

  9. Hey chicken, PACB is now the #1 holding in arks genomics portfolio and they dumped illumina, how do you stay ahead of cathie wood? 😉 can you make a video on PACB?

  10. how does the Apple Car affect Tesla future prospects? Can do a video because Apple has planning the EV since 10 yrs ago and there is not alot of information available on their EV. THanks!

  11. CGS, thank you so much for your videos. they are well done and give me so much hope for the future. i will work hard, save, invest in Tesla, and never be a donkey again! i already built up a good position in Bitcoin, but after watching several of your videos I'm going to put Bitcoin on hold and spend the next 2 years – at least – making monthly purchases of Tesla shares. we're going to enjoy watching Tesla make other companies eat shit for years to come!

    i was wondering if you were familiar with Warren Redlich's videos ( he has very similar views of Tesla as you do. i was hoping that the 2 of you could make a video together where both of you swap ideas of where Tesla is headed in the next 5-10 years. that would be epic!

  12. Hi Chicken Genius, I'm really hoping you reply to this. I wish to God that I had discovered your channel sooner and watched your video about what mistakes to avoid sooner. I bought 14 Tesla 700C (and some 900C) expiring January 15, 2020 and held them throughout the entire event of S&P inclusion. I didn't sell and take profits when I should have and now not only did I lose all of my profits, I'm even down 68-92% on all of my calls. I'm kicking myself so hard for being an absolute dumbass donkey, I can't believe myself. Do I have hope of recuperating some of my losses in your opinion or should I just suck it up and take my losses and try to slowly build back up? January 15, 2021 is sooner than expected especially with the weekends and market closing for the holidays. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated but regardless, you earned a sub for life.

  13. I am wondering how low tesla stock might fall during a recession ? Not the "V" shape recovery we had in 2020 but a market crash. I guess it would take years to undo the losses after putting the life savings to it. Risk is always associated but unsure if could do anything to remediate it?

  14. On your TOS platform, you have "itchy fingers" as a label. How did you do that? I've changed my nickname on the web based site, but it only changes the nickname on the top of the screen, where you can select different accounts. Yours has the nickname lower where the Qty and Instrument name are. Thanks for any help

  15. Hi, please can I have the link of the last video you talked about Fib retracement. I cannot find it, my bad, thank you, thank you, thank you

  16. Not to be that guy but i bought long term call options for tesla in june 2019 and stocks i sold them 1st september, I re bought the same number of shares but for a discount of 170 dollar per share the 8th and 9th of september. And now i have a garanuteed proifit of my initial investment, even if tesla would go bankrupt. So call me a donkey if you want but it is smart investing so you have liquidity left for other investments.

  17. Hi Chicken Genius.
    I’m new to investing, and I just watched you very first video. I must say it was really inspiring.
    What is your advice for someone like me who just have about $6K just sitting in the bank.
    I believe a lot in Tesla’s vision for the future. If you were in my shoes, would you invest the entire $6K in Tesla, or how would you diversify these funds to others like LMND and SQ.
    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much

  18. I just found you channel recently and am addicted. Im really considering selling all of my shares in travel, cruise lines and oil and just going all in on tesla. Thank you for your work!!

  19. the tesla sell off has begun lol all you little fish forget the hedge funds run the market price and when they decide to sell off this house of cards comes crashing down


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