How I Make My Green Bean Casserole

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  1. In italy we haven't got the crispy onions, what can I use? Sorry for my bad English. Can I use chips with flavour of onions like pringles or corn flakes? Beautiful recipe, and beautiful video. Ciao from Italia 🙋🏻‍♀️🇮🇹

  2. Made me so hungry watching this! Looks very delicious and is such a simple recipe. I don't normally cook but I'm going to try to make this. Thank you Mish! 💖 Always have loved your Thanksgiving videos

  3. As someone who doesn't like mushrooms, I have to say that this looks absolutely delectable. I will be trying this out this year and I know it will be good. Enjoy the rest of your year Michelle! 💖

  4. You are not supposed to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for stir-frying because of its low smoke point. You should use Extra Light Olive Oil instead. Anyway amazing content as always 🙂

  5. can you please make a new magic hour playlist with the beautiful animation?? i miss it so so much and i listen to the playlist almost everyday but it’s not the same without the magic !!!! ✨✨✨

  6. More cooking videos Michelle! I liked how diverse the Thanksgiving meal was and you have more ways of using Baby Portabella mushrooms.🍄 I’ll make it more plant based and see how it turns out, any substitutions will be delicious since this is a solid recipe. 🤗 Thank you!

  7. The ✨good luck✨gets me every time. Oh how time flies and how much Michelle has accomplished. So so proud of you 🥺❤️😭 you have a whole EMpire behind you!!

  8. please stop using cows milk. you’re not a baby cow! watch dairy is scary to learn the truth. there are many alternatives including soy, oat, hemp, almond & many more! there’s no need to exploit mother cows & her reproductive system for a meal. happy holidays 🌱


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