How GOOD was Munchlax ACTUALLY? – History of Munchlax in Competitive Pokemon

Munchlax is today’s Pokemon for our competitive history series! Join False Swipe Gaming in this overview of Munchlax in competitive Pokemon!



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0:00 – Intro
1:02 – DPP/Gen 4
3:46 – BW/Gen 5
6:43 – XY/Gen 6
8:01 – SM/Gen 7
8:57 – SS/Gen 8
9:37 – Outro

Directed by Kellen
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Written By
Kevin aka BKC
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Edited By
Connor Nguyen aka CDK
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VFX Intro By
Ryan Gonzales

Sound Designed by
Ryan Gonzales

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Notice I said POPULAR formats, meaning a format where there is a significant amount of people who compete in it for tournaments and so on and so forth.

For the record, I do not care what rules or formats people play their battles by nor am I saying these formats are the only formats that should be played. The way you play Pokemon is between you and your opponent. I just like examining popular tournament formats.

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Resources and Historical References

History of Rule Variants:

Smogon University:


Aaron Cybertron Zheng:


Pokemon Battle Historia:

Nintendo Cup 2000 Team Construction:

Nintendo Cup 2000 Tier List:

Pokemon Japanese Battle Wiki:

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Comment (467)

  1. Someone who hasn't played LC since Gen II here, is there any reason Munchlax ran Oran Berry over Berry Juice for so long? Did GF change the way the item worked or, or did the community gentlemens agree that it wasn't competitive?

  2. DUDE, you can't just put "Rain Dance Support" up in Gen 4 and NOT explain it further. What goes on an LC gen 4 Rain team? How did Munchlax perform on it? A key piece? A stopgap wall vs powerful grasses? We need the answers!

  3. That's a hell of an unfortunately to follow munchlax's debut. Is it possible its bst is just better than most unevolved pokemon and it was potentially able to become so strong due to the format being so new?
    (looking at all the awful sinnoh pokemon that could have been improved with the remakes) "you get nothing but the consequences of then incremental march of time! Good day and screw you sir!"

  4. This is your friendly reminder that the Little Cup video playlist needs updated.

    Videos made: Vullaby, Cubone, Gastly, Munchlax

    Videos that are actually in the playlist: Just Vullaby

  5. Are we going to see Latios soon? o.o Latias had a video like… 10 months ago? And still no Latios D:
    How GOOD was Latios ACTUALLY? Please? ;v; I wanna see my blue Eon Pokemon!

  6. Munchlax is one of the strongest first-evolution pokemon in the game. It doesn't need a buff just because it barely misses out on the cutthroat LC metagame.

    Only 10% of first stage pokemon see use, maybe less. Buffing a pokemon who's only in the top 11% because people want it to be "good again" doesn't make any sense.

    There are a bajillion mons but only one tier. Obviously most aren't gonna make the cut even if they're good for first-stage pokemon.

    If people actually want a diverse LC metagame, they'll ask to buff pokemon that actually need buffs… like Caterpie or something lol. Even base 300 mons aren't really good enough usually.

  7. Strong Pokémon: Exists
    Munchlax: Counters them
    Smogon: Bans said strong mons. That’s why I stopped caring about the competitive side. Although I had friend sharing your vids over and over and I regret not clicking on them before, it’s really well explained and love the editing!

  8. I just think eviolite should NEVER have been allowed in LC, period. Gen 5 and onwards dropped the ball big time. I understand the whole POINT of the item is for NFEs to use it, but all it does is make a tier that is EXCLUSIVELY NFE Pokemon into a less fun stall war all because every single Pokemon in the tier is now instantly super buffed Cosmic Power defenses… ESPECIALLY at such a low level to which the flat numbers greatly define the bulkiness of the Pokemon. I'd clause it so that all LC teams Gen 5 and onwards would be restricted to 1 singular Eviolite per team at absolute most lenient. Otherwise I'd just never want to see it. Things like Hippopotas and Lileep would still be usable in the tier without making it an all out waste of time stall, and things like Munchlax could actually be used for their excellent stats and coverage moves and niche options instead of being overlooked for having no use against "Everything is a Tank" the item.

  9. Poor li'l guy. I remember when munchlax was the It 'Mon, the anime giving it absolutely maximum exposure possible as the herald of gen 4. I agree it'd be nice to be made relevant as a throwback to that as gen 4 remakes come out.

  10. So basically this is a case where a Pokemon is REALLY good at a certain niche but said niche just doesn’t matter most of the time. No point in being a tanky wall who can dish out damage but always goes second if everything else in the game can become similarly tanky without crippling speed disadvantage. It’s telling that it became a legitimate option post gen-4 only when there were threats so overwhelming that the extra bulk actually mattered.


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