How foxes use magnetic fields to catch prey – The Wonder of Animals: Episode 5 Preview – BBC Four

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  1. Coyotes and dogs use the same pounce in the snow, looking for mice. I have seen it. I would guess that wolves also do it , but I haven't seen that in person. I wonder if they all have the magnetic ability.

  2. Whoa nellie! That's a lotta speculation there. Tying that down would cost millions of dollars that I doubt anyone is proffering up front. My bet is that they preferentially hunt in this way at a particular time of day, and if snow is on the ground, the sun will be low on the horizon. Maybe they're just trying to get a better look. Occam's razor.

  3. I call BS. They say they think it does. They thought. Mostly North wind in winter. It's instinctive for predators to stay downwind from their prey. They would be facing North when hunting.


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