How does a penguin launch itself from the sea? – The Wonder of Animals | BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 How does a bird, the same weight as a baby hippo, get itself out of the water?

Chris explores details of the penguin’s anatomy, using new scientific research to reveal how its legs, wings and body shape have allowed it to conquer an extraordinary range of habitats, from deep forests to tropical waters, bustling cities and even the toughest place on the planet – Antarctica.

At first sight, penguins seem ill-suited to their environment – rotund abdomens, stubby little legs and stiff wings appear to make the going tough. But in fact it is these very traits that enable this bird to thrive.

The Wonder of Animals | Episode 1: Penguins | BBC

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  1. Is that really the sound they make when they ascend or is that folly work? I hope it is real because holy how that sound is so cool!

  2. Every day I learn about animals I realize many of them are a lot more intelligent than I thought. I think they are so intelligent to the point that they know what they are and that they exist. Like these penguins.

  3. I'm absolutely tired of Kangaroo 🦘 not that I have any animosity towards the Aussie Delicacy. But my chef has opened up a new Northwest passage and is getting incredible discounts at the pole. North

  4. They didn’t show it but there was a family if polar bears waiting for the penguins to surface. The penguins were obliterated with only 2 chicks and a few adults that survived. rip

  5. This video found me after watching another video and thinking to myself, how do they do that!? I didn't even say it out loud!! The algorithm works better than we thought 😅😬

  6. This shows the raw power of evolution. If something needs doing, it gets done or you're dead. This process of elimination is what allows for a more refined mixing of genes, which causes these specialized traits to come to fruition. This same law is what lead to the formation of the stars whose deaths lead to our births, and will lead to anything the future has to offer. The thing that makes the universe special, is that it's not special; it just happened, but has lead us here. To this time.


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