How Do You Assemble the Largest Rocket Ever Made?

At the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center, technicians practice and prepare to stack NASA’s Space Launch System rocket. The SLS fueled-up core stage weighs around 2.3 million pounds and measures 212 feet long.

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  1. 0:29 – weighs something in pounds and is some height in feet? What the hell are those units? I can't related to them. Did anyone else stop watching at that point? I thought NASA was all about science?

  2. People think nasa are dead but space x and nasa need to work together not against each other to help us become a space fairing race. Nasa is the best and always will be and it’s important a company is not run by one person like space x. Nasa will always play a key roll in space travel and will be the first to the race back to space there is a reason they stay quite so they get on the work to let man achieve what it can achieve.

  3. Please don't show SLS to Donald Trump!
    Otherwise it shall receive some Trumpian makeover – a stupid name, several silly proposals and alterations, reappointed staff, and it shall never fly!.. 😥

  4. maybe get someone who sounds remotely interested in their job to do the narration. if someone is excited talking about the rocket, more people who watch it will be excited. this just made me want to click off.

  5. This boondoggle will most likely fly twice as it has no mission. It's just a make work program funded by Congress. Sad when companies like SpaceX and others have a mission and a dream. NASA's rocket to nowhere just has videos and powerpoints.

  6. "The crew has radios". Wow, cutting edge stuff there NASA

    "We use digital simulations to practice". I thought it was because after multiple years and tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, there still isn't any completed hardware

    (ps, regarding the snark, this is not directed toward NASA as much as Congress that has put NASA in an impossible technical situation in a politically motivated pork project that is designed to transfer as much taxpayer money as possible to several well connected contracting firms. Actual flight worthy hardware is a nice extra if it actually happens. It is NOT the primary goal)


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