How baby flamingos get their pink colour | Animal Super Parents – BBC

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Flamingo chicks are fed milk from their parents that helps them develop their signature colour.

It may take two to make a baby – but not necessarily two to bring it up. So what makes a parent decide to stay or go? Especially if that parent is a dad.

From the California mouse mother who has to kickstart her partner’s paternal instincts, to Adelie penguin parents who can’t leave their eggs alone for five minutes; from cheetah mums practicing promiscuity to keep the dads on side, to flamingo parents both producing milk for their young. We see just how far these incredible parents go in order to protect and nurture as many offspring as possible through to adulthood.

Animal Super Parents | Episode 2 of 3 | BBC One

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  3. moving like a vacuum! By the way, does the crop milk contain carotenoid so that it appears ruddy and their feathers become pinkish? Only this bird produce the red crop milk among other bird species in the world? The flamingos also look similar to the pelicans and swans, but the latter two species don't produce crop milk?

  4. For a second at the start when that Baby flamingo drinked milk before I saw him I though he was bleeding but when I noticed that it’s milk, I stopped panicking.


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