Hot Tub TUNA #shorts

Hot Tub TUNA #shorts

Tuna sous vide in a hot tub at 104F and seared with an everything but the bagel seasoning crust. Placed on a bed of microgreens and topped with a miso ginger sauce, pickled radishes & grated buddhas hand.

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  1. Imagine being a fish, living in the water and you get captured and killed. You’re in the afterlife and looking down and see the meat from your body being cooked in water. Idk i just find that funny

  2. I ate the ahi tuna salad from newks, and aftereating that salad, that salmon looks disgusting, now that I know that undone fish tastes like soft serve rubber with a side of fish flakes.

  3. First…I warmed my flux capacitor…then I put the tuna in 1955…once the Delorean came back, I gently nestled the tuna in rolled Dead Sea Scrolls…for the crispy crust…

  4. i dont know if its just because im getting sleepier by the second but theres something about this video that makes me happy like generally the bideo wiuout thenaudio and it just makes me happy likes its there i dont know how to explaib it b

  5. If I had the most high tech kitchen in the world, and he had this hot tub, and we were both assigned to make the same thing. He would still some how win…


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