Home Renovation Updates + GIFT GUIDE 2021 | XO, MaCenna

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Comment (109)

  1. My mom is absolutely obsessed with this home renovation! She tells me all your updates lol! We are building an airbnb/venue soon and we’re so inspired by all your hard work! 🤍

  2. I feel terrible because I saw that pile of siding and said to myself that it didn’t look like nearly enough. I assumed I was just wrong but I wish I would have said something on the off chance you would have seen it. Oh well. It’s still coming right along!

  3. I've been around since the first video of the playlist i'm just impatiently waiting for the videos every sunday . I love how positive you are , best of luck for the future love from india🇮🇳

  4. Looking forward to Vlogmas!
    And I’ve wanted to tell you for a couple of weeks now that the front of the house looks gorgeous, you did a great job! I think several of us here may now be inspired to buy an old house and renovate it thanks to your journey of renovating your cottage that you are sharing with us.

  5. Please do a Christmas home tour of your Mom’s home. It’s so beautiful 😍 I love her art work she’s so talented and I cannot wait to see how your beautiful home turns out. The renovation has been so exciting ❤️❤️ Happy Holidays

  6. MaCenna, you are the friend,daughter,sister,girlfriend that all of us wish we had, this is why when your videos pop up, we get comfy and have a visit! Thank you for sharing you and your family with us!

  7. I’ve been refreshing my feed waiting for your video! One of the highlights of my week. You inspire me to take on bigger projects in my home. I love that you show all aspects of your renovations…even delays! This makes your progress so relatable. Keep up your awesome work!

  8. Hopefully your tankless is installed and is protected indoors, I can't tell because of the frame built around it. Many new builds are being build with the tankless outside the house… a huge mistake we've learned from the freeze we had in Texas earlier this year was that many of the new homes tankless froze leaving tons of people without water. We were blessed that our tankless was installed inside our home in a small closet… they don't take up much space so when possible get them installed indoors. Just a word of advice. 😉

  9. Recommend 2 drill set…. 1 for drilling the hole and the 2nd for the screw driver bit you will need for screw assembly….. trust me, a REAL TIME SAVER 👍

  10. Those paintings and frames… can't stop looking at them!! Your mom's work is so good. I can't believe that those frames were thrifted; they are gorgeous. Excited for Vlog-mas.

  11. I cant gift candles. 1time, I gave one as housewarming N was told a fire happened cuz the glass exploded. It's prob cuz the wick wasn't clipped. Guys CUT your WICKS down after burning a while they get long and the flame gets too big. and PUT candles in a PROTECTIVE holder that's is SHATTERPROOF n FIREPROOF. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  12. Hi MaCenna! Could you talk more about updates concerning the guest cottages? I love watching your videos every week and I’m excited to see you love and grow into you new home!!❤️

  13. I think your gift giving ideas are some of the best I've seen. Your mom's art is gorgeous! A very talented and creative family. I have enjoyed and been inspired by your renovation project.
    I inherited my childhood home, a brick bungalow built in 1940, and I'm planning a soft remodel of the kitchen. After watching your videos I realized that my husband and I can do many things ourselves. That way we can splurge on lighting, countertops, sinks, and faucets and have them professionally installed. I'm keeping the 50s vibe but in a modern way and definitely keeping the still working mint green oven from 1954.
    Really enjoy both your channels.

  14. MaCenna Sweetie, I'm Sooooooo Excited For The House To Get To The Point Where U Can Decorate For Christmas! Can't Wait! I Know It's Going To Be Gorgeous! Pray That Y'all Have A Very Blessed & Prosperous Week! ❤U Girl! 🥰  Truly Blessed  🥰

  15. Feet and linear feet refer to the same type of measurement (length only). SQUARE feet is when you are ordering some thing that is to be covered (length and width). CUBIC feet is when you are filling something (length, width , and height).

  16. Macenna you are so awesome! We know how much it means to you to celebrate Christmas on the cottage and even though you are so strong and resilient and you walk through it with a smile. I admire you so much!
    I discovered your videos since the quarantine and it has become one of my favourite things on the week, i haven't missed anyone of them 🙂 you seem like a very close friend!
    Hugs from spain

  17. Our brand new on demand water heater froze in the February Texas. We live in northeast Texas. It was installed on an outside wall. I would strongly suggest you install yours indoors.

  18. With the carafe and cup set, the cup is meant to be the lid to the carafe so dust doesn’t get in your water, and your cup stays clean. Perfect for a bedside table for you and guests!!

  19. What great ideas for gifts. I so want a nail gun. Lol I am just waiting on the courage to use the power saws I have gathered to start diys. 😆. Love you video as always and looking forward to Decembers videos

  20. Love seeing your mom! She is an amazing artist and mother and grandmother and all the things 😊 this is my first Christmas without my mom, she will be watching down from heaven. I hope I make her proud xoxo

  21. Working on the front porch for Christmas and took a break to warm up, totally forgot it was Sunday and there you are! It's a good afternoon! Thanks for the tips – I want both of the books! Hi Kelsey and Mom!

  22. Hi Macenna, I was watching your vlogs and my brother walked into the living room during a scene in which your mom was on, and said, “that looks like the lady that calmed me down on the airplane”. A little backstory: my brother was flying back from Florida and was having a severe panic attack, and a woman sitting behind him began talking to him and calming him down. He said it was such a therapeutic conversation and he will never forget it. Your mom seems like the sweetest person and I wanted to come on here and take my chance in asking you whether you can ask her if she was that angel that spoke to my brother in that moment of darkness 🤍🤍 I myself find your content so therapeutic, refreshing, and much needed in the crazy world we live in today. Thank you for all you do!


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