Holly Tandy VS Michael Rice | BIGGER THAN US Song-off – Eurovision: You Decide 2019

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 https://bbc.in/iPlayer-Home Holly Tandy and Michael Rice compete for a place in the final round performing their versions of ‘Bigger Than Us’ written by Laurell Barker, Anna-Klara Folin, John Lundvik and Jonas Thander.

The Eurovision Song Contest is back!

Eurovision: You Decide is back for 2019 with a brand new format! Eurovision superfan Mel Giedroyc and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Mans Zelmerlow, host live from MediaCityUK in Salford as the show comes from the north west of England for the very first time.

This 90-minute Eurovision extravaganza gives viewers the opportunity to vote for the song they want to represent the UK at the biggest music competition in the world.

In an exciting format change, each of the three competing songs is performed in two different ways, by two different acts. A celebrity panel and viewers at home make the decision on which song represents the UK at the sixty-fourth Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, in May 2019. The show features special performances and surprises.

Eurovision: You Decide 2019 | BBC

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  1. Being a native Texan I love Holly's version of "Bigger than Us" the most. Well done, Holly. I would have voted for it, but I wish Michael good luck in May. I also wish Holly all the best in the future : )

  2. I loved Holly's studio version and she did really well in live performance, but Michael's raw emotion in the lives stole the show. It was the right decision to advance Michael (still love Holly to the moon and back!) Love from Poland/USA.

  3. Michael's version is the best version and even the best song of all presented. I'd work with his clothes a bit. Maybe an entire choir for the background. Oh ok, they'll improve the already great performace even more anyway. That's what everyone does.

  4. I really think that with Michael winning the show, they should take some elements of Holly's song and mash them together because it would make Michael's song way better for the final. Looking forward to what they change with Michael's though

  5. Michael's voice needs to be work on. There's some pitch inconsistency especially on his lower registers but overall he has a great voice.

  6. In revamp make it darker lose the key change strip back the backing vocals to make it sound more natural and less x factor use Tom Walker as a template 98 mill views cos it's done right

  7. Holly should’ve won. Michaels version is good, but it’s an XF winners single. It’s not what Eurovision wants. We need something CURRENT – holly delivered that.

  8. Uh…. If only the UK didn't hate country. Holly was so great. The backing dancers though were a bit cringe though. I feel like Michael's was just a vocal exercise at times.

  9. Michael captured the emotional magic of the song through the lyrics and the mood and it was right to choose him BUT I will say Holly is SO TALENTED, and watching her performance makes me to follow her career as she grows — if she brought the country version of "Bigger Than Us" here to the US, it would blow up MASSIVELY, because this the sound of country here that always plays well (and I really hope she does) — the things that let her down were the staging and her wardrobe (neither made sense with the song, but that's just IMHO)

  10. Sadly the chosen song 'It's Bigger Than Us', and it's songwriters of this song have followed in the shadow of that Andrew Lloyd Weber and Diane Warren UK 2009 Eurovision 'It's My Time'. Sadly ain't gonna do much. When are the powers that be that control how the song for the UK is chosen to recognise and let some true and unique UK songwriting talent in on it.

  11. Can someone tell me whats Eurovision all about? I watched Michael Rice in all together now and he won and now hes here and both of them are singing same song… Pls. Enlighten me.

  12. Why didn’t they let the public pick their favourite 3 from the six? That would have really shown the public’s opinion, cos honestly I love both versions


    54 seconds ago

    This song is awesome! i get goose pimples just listening to this. The U.K. entry will definitely win the ESC this year. 12 points to the U.K.

  14. They were both really good Holly has really good voice but it kind of sounds just like the rest to be honest Michael's voice sounds unique like Sam Smith

  15. Wtf is the so called meaning behind this concept. And why is it called you decide it makes no sense it has nothing with letting people decide when you have 3 so called jugdes who decide for the public. If the public voted Holly would have won this battle I have no doubt

  16. As an American I can see why y’all like her version but given the lyrical content HIS VERSION JUST HITS ALOT MORE ESPECIALLY GIVEN THE TIMES WERE IN WITH RACIAL STRIFE ALL AROUND THE WORLD ( I woulda picked this guy and the song “Freaks” ) ( if u put emotion into it the song takes a new meaning )


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