History of competitive gaming known as esports | 6abc Discovery

Press start as we journey through the history of competitive gaming known as esports.

What was once considered a fad has risen to become one of the biggest entertainment mediums worldwide.


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Comment (6)

  1. Phenomenal job, graphics were amazing, script was well written and I love how you brought it local after informing the audience about the culture. Good work👍

  2. Bro, you could have easily made this an hour long video, not saying that it should be an hour long, hell at least 10 minutes. I would have liked to have heard stuff like where/when did it start to get big, what were the first esport events, what was the gross like, how are the games chosen what games are chosen, what is the industry like today, what problems did they run into. Stuff like that is what I am expecting to hear, and then you can end it with your thoughts on the future. I hope I don't come off sounding like a douche, but it's definitely a deep subject that can be explored and criticized especially its effect on the gamers, like when Heroes of the Storm was cancelled without warning, or like how people have made this a career now. You have obviously got the talent, I hope this was constructive, looking forward to see what other videos you put out.

  3. Nice. Kinda disappointed you didn't bring up things like the longstanding pro scene in South Korea with games like Starcraft, but otherwise pretty well done for a three minute spot.


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