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http://www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/diyinv/ Become a History Detective, help PBS solve the mystery of John F. Did this elusive NASA engineer help put Andy Warhol art on the moon?

In 1969, six major artists, including Andy Warhol, conspired to put their artwork on the moon. They shrank their artwork to fit on a tiny ceramic wafer, with a plan to smuggle the chip on board Apollo 12. A Florida art curator has a clone of the chip. He wants to know if the original made it to the moon. HISTORY DETECTIVES Gwen Wright takes the case from there. She narrows the investigation to a man who calls himself John F. He sent a telegram to the artists confirming that he attached the chip to the leg of the lunar landing module that NASA left on the surface of the moon. Did he? Only John F. knows for sure. PBS HISTORY DETECTIVES asks fans across the nation to come forward with any information they know about John F. and whatever else might be on the moon. Join the investigation online NOW at http://pbs.org/historydetectives

The entire episode airs Monday, June 21st at 9PM/8 Central (Check your local listings.)

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  1. Play the History Detectvies game. The rules are simple. Every time someone on the show says, "actually", take a drink. You will drunk within no time.

  2. Apollo 11 was faked. Look up -Moonfaker, Jarrah White-. He has the best researched information out there. Amazing, but true. Radiation levels have kept all humans off the moon, and you can see the fakery step by step.

  3. Apollo 12 was just circling around in the atmosphere. There have been unmanned flights to the moon it seems, but men/women/animals will die if they enter the Van Allen belts of radiation. Plus the surface of the moon is too hot in the atmosphere-less vacuum of space, and the suits are not capable of cooling enough, or heating enough in the cold shade of the moon. You can see it's fake in this video also. There is no blast crater underneath, and no dust on the landing pads. USA FAKED IT.

  4. Most of the scientists involved did build and design real equipment but had no knowledge of the switcharoo; they listened and believed the "moon walk" just as the rest of us.

  5. a friend from australia characterized the US as "a place where people believe the moon landing was fake and wrestling's real…" reading these comments makes me believe he may be right…Did they ever find John F?

  6. Certainly it never went to the moon as no human went either. Sure the math might be accurate, but the trip was a massive lie. See that gold stuff on the module? – That is mylar- like your toy balloons…tell me what that did?! LOL…It seemed impressive at the time tho! But the radiation is enough to fry you and all other humans…


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