High School For The Performing Arts Student Goes In Depth About Really Weird Peer Pressure

Philadelphia High School for Performing and Visual Arts student Samantha Bylum, 16, told reporters this week that she is currently experiencing an overwhelming amount of pressure to conform to some really weird social norms.

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  1. In the path of Art.. these troubles are what makes one stronger.

    Would Michelangelo left such a brilliance upon this world if not held back by those around him. OF COURSE not..

    I see a great future here for this student.

  2. So one video from back then sucked and the last few years still sucks consistently. Sorry but that is a bit of logic fail for you. I guess you where so eager to reply you didn't think it through very well.

  3. My point was obviously that this video can't be used as evidence for your claim that the Onion currently sucks. That should be clear. I didn't express an opinion about the current quality of the Onion. Unless of course you didn't intend to use this video as evidence. But in that case, why comment on this video? Obviously you thought it was new and now you know it isn't. For which, you're welcome.


    watch me start an argument on youtube

    wait for it….

    wait for it….

    i remember when the Onion was good….but it really sucks now!


    oh man, i really put the cat amongst the pigeons with that one, right guys – some people are gonna be soooooo mad tee hee

  5. Everything that a normal high isn't like. It's pretty much the best thing in existence. Not to mention the academics at my school are also off the charts, so it's basically all that I could ever hope for in a high school.

  6. We went to a spoken words and interpretive dance performance last week, and she was the only who did not want to do the impromptu performance. then she refused to wear the spandex body suit.

  7. I had the same type of pressure at my dentistry school. Every one was like: "Did you read last night's assignment?" And I was like: "I want to be a hygienist! Not a bookworm! Ugh!" And Stephanie would always be like: "U don't even know what a molar is." and I would be up in her face: "Yah, maybe. But I do know what a moron is. You. You are."
    The bottom line is 1) there will always be peer pressure and 2) If you want a tooth filled message me and I'll hook you up cheap.

  8. Q: WWJD?

    A: "A spirit seizes him and he suddenly screams; it throws him into convulsions so that he foams at the mouth. It scarcely ever leaves him and is destroying him. I begged your disciples to drive it out, but they could not." "You unbelieving and perverse generation," Jesus replied, "how long shall I stay with you and put up with you? Bring your son here."

  9. oh my god, my school has the weirdest peer pressure too. Every one is a hillbilly and talk about trucks, boots, hunting, quads and fishing. Every one also listens to country music it is so fucking wierd

  10. I imagine the first thing Jesus would do is go to a local Church and read the New Testament to see what strange stories the squabbling early groups of Christians made up about him after he died. The He would spread Love to all.

  11. Have to say I feel the Onion is really losing it, it used to be a lot funnier a couple of years ago. The videos it is uploading these days are below par most of the time.

  12. Yes, you may be right. SInce lions sleep about 16 hours a day that would be in keeping with why Jesus has been sleeping for the last 2000 years. The lion idea brings to mind that other Biblical problem from the Noah's Ark story. When the water "rettreated" and two of each animal were free to roam, each time a lion ate an animal it would be eating half the existing species. I wish the lion had eaten a mosquito.

  13. I agree! Christians oppose sorcery, but some explain the illogical problems away by saying it was by God's Magic that he made the water appear and disappear and delivered all the animals to Noah, to avoid poor Noah having to trek to Antarctica in his beach towel robe to gather penguins. Sadly there was no room for dinosaurs. The possible explanation for humans doing stupid things may, in fact, be caused by the incest both in Noah's family after the Flood, and with the Adam's Family.

  14. For purely educational purposes you might like to check out YouTube vids "Atheists – Jesus and the Dinosaurs" and "Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene" Knowledge is power. Humor is having power over Knowledge. 😉

  15. You often think you would see less of this in artist, creators, designers and such.
    But the sad truth seems to be, most people are conformist, with a high tendency for groupthink.


  16. The same social currency pressure was applied when a Troy Michigan congregation elder asked the group how many governing body members there are. I knew he wouldn't ask their names because he did not look down at his notes after asking the question. That same elder actually believed the lame excuse of obtaining a library card as the reason for the BORG becoming an NGO of the U.N. It would be laughable if it were not so serious.

  17. What do you mean you don't have a, migration background, vagina, gender disorder, handicap, or a different skin color, gender, or sexuality?
    Haha! You must have it soo easy in your life. – is now the current standard at schools

  18. I'm not afraid to say I find the girl with her hood up in the thumbnail a bit triggering. I'm in recovery for a serious winter clothing addiction which cost me my wife and kids and job and pet and house and friends and savings. I started off like any other 6'9 teenager. Liked chasing girls and doing Warhammer. One day I slept in and didn't have time to wash my hair before school so I threw on a beanie and ran to catch the bus. It was one of those yellow buses cause this story is set in America. All day at school people kept complimenting my hat and saying how cool it made me look. It was awesome. I mean id always been cool before but now people were confirming it and not just saying it behind my back. Anyway I didn't take it off that night. All night I searched for matching gloves on AliExpress.
    By the time the gloves came 6 weeks later I was in a bad way. It started off with just a hat. But then it was a hat and scarf. Then a hat and scarf and some other gloves. Then a hat and scarf and those other gloves and a big fk off coat with lots of smaller coats inside. Gloves in every pocket. At my worst I had so many layers on I couldn't leave the house. One Day my wife talked me into taking enough layers off to get some natural light. I hadn't been able to fit through my living room door for weeks. I went outside and it was awful. Totally freezing. She said it was June but I didn't know whether to believe her anymore. I put some more layers on to feel better. Not great just a bit better. When I went to go back inside i couldn't fit back in the house cause of all the parka jackets I was wearing. I wanted to take them off but I just couldn't. My wife locked the door and I never seen any of my family again.

  19. The art highschool i went to for a year had a guy with a foot fetish that always asked girls "everyone has sensitivities, want to find out yours?"

  20. I went to a highly gifted magnet program in middle school… my peers considered it socially unacceptable to wear anything in fashion because they counted fashion as “shallow” and “unintelligent”. Wild.

  21. I actually went to the Philadelphia HS for performing arts (called CAPA) for drums and this was the bullshit stereotype everyone at other schools assumed about us. No one was like this


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