hidden doors in 2012 vs now


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  1. I remember when all you had to do to make a room secret is to put an iron door and a switch. And a painting. Now your done. And nobody will notice.

  2. I like how in the 2012 one the wall is made of diamond blocks. It was the pinnacle of architecture back in those days.

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  5. Сорян, но вторая схема самая тупаю, там лучше просто редстоун угловой сделать

  6. Nah, what i am commenting right now?
    Elite fun i gonna guess!
    V, why i am saying V?
    End is so cool dimension, let's explore this!
    Right in the end i can find an ender dragon.

    Gonna kill him, why not?
    Overpowered, or weak boss?
    No, he is a decent boss!
    Nope, Let's talk about nether!
    Anger after dying from ghast's fireball 🙁

    Gold for piglins, they will give you ender pearls!
    Inside of bastion, piglin brutes!
    Vociferous damage, i can hear them from axes,
    Ending all of this progress…

    Yet, i got some skills to beat piglins after dying.
    Okay, but blazes? I need to get blaze rods!
    Unhappy me, dying again

    Uhh… what to say again?
    Pet dog will cry :c

    Now read first letter from each word! :>


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