Hermitcraft RECAP – season 8 week 22

This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday November 13 and Friday November 20, 2021.

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Comment (376)

  1. ok we need another anomalous containment organization, and it should be named either ACO (referencing the SCP foundation), or Area 103 (referencing real life Area 51 and Hermitcrafts Area 77)

  2. Respect to mumbo for also holding the clip and to only post after zedaph, otherwise it wouldnt have been that gr8 for many would skip his, one more proof of how gr8 community we are following




    Also I completely agree that the eyeball is the Eye of Cthulhu, all it’s missing is the eye to turn into a mouth and for it to say in chat “You feel an evil presence watching you…”

    The amount of Terraria references gives me a ton of serotonin

    But if the EOC is here, will other Terraria bosses show up?
    Maybe the Moon Lord himself? I mean EX has been dealing with mysterious emblems like the one that can spawn the Moon Lord

    Minecraft ML? Man that’d be epic
    The amount of effort it would take for someone to build a model of ML in Minecraft would be astounding…
    Especially with the…seven eyes you’d have to make

    Sorry- enough of my rambling-

  4. it’ll be interesting to see how far the pranks against the different areas will go because we all know what happened the last time a prank war got out of hand

  5. I haven’t watched Hermitcraft in a long time, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING. Moon’s big?!?! Evil Xisuma lore?!?! What’s that Eye of Cthulhu they built above the screaming goats at Boatem?!?! Scar has a tall hat?!?!

  6. Dude, when the Ravagers floated down from the eyeball portal, all I could think of was Halo when the pairs of Hunters float down from the grav-lift to attack Chief. Such a terrifying sight, Tango's prank was fantastic!

  7. I think the moon getting bigger means that one day it'll crash with the earth deleting all chunks except the ones on the huge island. When this happens, all chunks will be reset to a 1.18 world.

  8. Tango's Ravager prank, is one of the best of all time. Legendary.

    Doc standing atop Mount Mumbo laughing at the Boat'em crew getting killed by the Ravagers was absolute perfection.

    I know it's their job and everything… but man are these people are good at this Minecraft shit.

  9. I get the feeling that this season's war will be between Boatem and an alliance of Big Eyes and Octagon. Boatem has 5, and the alliance has 3 and 2, respectively, or a total of 5. Ergo, the teams would be of equal size. The thing is, Boatem has two bases to go after in a prank war, while the other two groups only have one target to go after.

  10. This video still doesn't answer the obvious questions:

    Why are there small earthquakes on the server? Why is the moon getting larger (or closer)? Who is the person that is behind all of this?


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