Hermitcraft 8: Episode 30 – W̸̘̔E̴͓͘Ḯ̷̙R̵̢̉Ḓ̶͐

This Hermitcraft episode is the weirdest Hermitcraft 8 episode I think I have ever uploaded.

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In this Hermit craft episode, Mumbo Jumbo gets experimented on in Zedaphs Minecraft Laboratory, Gets a new hat from GoodTimesWithScar which matches up with the Hermitcraft Boatem sports horse. Mumbo also joins a boatem meeting where Grumbot 3.0 decides his fate as Boatem CEO.

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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  1. words ending in -ing are verbs turned into nouns or also called gerunds eg: he is good at running (btw mot trying to be offensive its just that im proud to know that since im German 🙂 )

  2. Verbs can be turned into adjectives when you add "ing" to it. It is a present continuous form of verb, yes. But at the same time, the same present continuous form of a verb is used to describe an adjective that's derived from that verb. I'm not a native English speaker, but now I'm not sure if you're British or not 😀 These are rules that are somewhat similar to ours. In Czech, we have similar feature where we can turn verbs into adjectives. It's not the same as present continous form tho.

  3. Not confused at all. This is par for the course. 😂 Also thanks for pointing out that you described the life cycle of a frog using adverbs. I and the rest of the comments would have done if you had not.

  4. Been getting into electronics for the past months and it was now, in this episode, that I realized Mumbo does the same shit and that's where he gets his redstone stuff from, at least in part O.O Either that or at least the concepts he uses comes from it, this was fun and relatable to me O:)


  5. Hands down the funniest thing I’ve watched all week. Meeting room was perfect, lab results should be back soon, and the wing is fantastic. There’s a newborn on board. Cracked me up 🙂

  6. Idea: Mumbo could call the HEP in on impulse and his factory as it i snot very peace, love, and plants, maybe the factory is peace and love, but certainly not plants.


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