Hercules is on the road to the court of King Pelias of Iolcus to tutor Pelias’ son Prince Iphitus in the use of arms. Pelias’ beautiful daughter Princess Iole updates Hercules on the history of her father’s rise to power and the theft of the kingdom’s greatest treasure, the Golden Fleece. Some suspect—and it eventually proves true—that King Pelias has acquired the throne through fratricide. Hercules and Iole are attracted to each other and a romance eventually develops.

King Pelias is warned by a seeress about a stranger wearing one sandal who will challenge his power. When his nephew Jason, the rightful King of Iolcus, arrives in town wearing one sandal, Pelias takes fright and packs him off to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the distant land of Colchis. Jason and Hercules sail aboard the Argo with their friends Ulysses and his father, Laertes, Argos, the twins Castor and Pollux, the lyre-strumming Orpheus, the physician Aesculapius and others.

After weathering a tempest at sea, the Argonauts dally in a lush garden-like country with Antea, the Queen of the Amazons and her ladies. Jason falls in love with Antea, but, when the Amazons plot the deaths of the heroes, Hercules forces Jason to board the Argo and secretly set sail in the night. On the shores of Colchis, the heroes battle hairy ape-men while Jason slays a dragon and retrieves the Golden Fleece. The Argonauts embark for home with their prize.

In Iolcus, the populace greet the returning heroes but Pelias and his henchman Eurysteus steal the Golden Fleece, deny Jason’s claim, and plot his destruction. A tense battle between Pelias’ forces and the heroes follows. Hercules halts Pelias’ cavalry dead in its tracks by toppling the portico of the palace upon them. The defeated Pelias drinks poison. Jason ascends the throne while Hercules and Iole set sail for new adventures.

Subplots involve the death of Pelias’ headstrong son Prince Iphitus, and exploits for Hercules resembling the Labors of the Nemean Lion and the Cretan Bull.

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  1. This movie is coming in GREAT!!! I just wish they used the ex-Army Sergeant’s voice. From what I read about him, he was a friend of his from the Army and the winding down of WWII. Steve was a Sergeant with the 25th ID overseas. But the HD for 1957 is truly great. Thank you and please keep them coming!!!👮🏻‍♂️🚔

  2. Noooosa, quanto tempo. Tempos em que os Filmes, Atores e Atrizes eram perfeitos em tudo. Tempos em que os cinemas eram lotados, tempos em que sabíamos quem eram os autores de um filme, lembravamos os nomes de cada um, dos elencos dos filmes, porque na abertura dos filmes conseguíamos ler o papel de cada um dos atores e atrizes principais tanto mocinhos quanto bandidos, devido passar os nomes lentamente nas telas.
    O bom de tudo é que, vibravamos nos filmes, através de Palmas, gritos e outros, quando o Artista vencia o BANDIDÃO. Velhos tempos Belos dias.

  3. Eduviguis moreno fajardo en español que hermosa y bella película muy buena de Hércules me gusta como he sela dedico para los dos eduviguis y enrique con cariño te amo 😘😘

  4. Eduviguis moreno fajardo en español muy bueno Hércules y vella y linda película de he es maravilloso me hencanta sela dedico para los dos eduviguis y enrique con cariño 😘😘

  5. The # of actor's who have donned the toga as Hercules since the late
    50's probably # near twenty.
    No one created fantasy-adventure or horror, or the scores that went with them like the Italian's.
    Sorry Hollywood, you've got nothing on Italian cinema.
    I guess I like Steve Reeves and Reg Park because they were the first; and they were the two who showed-up on Saturday afternoon-

  6. Love the myth of Hercules so I couldn't give it a thumbs down. The costumes and sets redeemed the use of normal lions, bulls, etc. Guess I'm just used to the myths being larger than life-plus have seen larger lions on Tarzan and bigger bulls in the bull ring. Worth a watch-once. Thanks for posting!

  7. Aside from the herculean limb of Steve Reeve he is the real mr. Universe whom I know when 10 y.o and his movies were goliath and the barbarians Hercules unchained, thief of bagh dad and a Mexican movie

  8. One of the very best of the Greek mythology films. This, Ulysses, and Jason and the Argonauts. Does anyone remember the big re-release of both Hercules and Hercules Unchained back in 1975? I was so enthralled by the experience I begged my parents to buy me some weights, and much to my surprise they did. No one comes close to the great Steve Reeves. Not Arnold, not The Rock, no one.

  9. This is one of the few times where I can actually watch this movie, for it has a very high quality viewing. I remember when I first saw this movie back in 1968 or so in Cuba. I believe this is a better copy than what I remember seeing in Cuba. Thank you.

  10. How in the hell was that mans death Hercules fault I thought Greek man of that time were smart and apparently not if the blame someone else for the actions of another

  11. These are not the same voices in the original english version, these voices are too weak. I'm disappointed with the voiceover in this one.


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