Hellas Verona 0-1 Milan | Piątek Scores the Winner as Milan Beat 10-man Verona | Serie A

Krzysztof Piątek scored a second-half penalty as Milan struggle to beat 10-man Verona.

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Comment (452)

  1. Milan need to be clinical in front of the goal post. They create a lot of chances and these chances amount to nothing at the end. For instance Udinese had no business beating Milan. Milan is not really playing badly and I think there is room for improvement in their play. Lucas Paqueta needs to put more effort because I know he's better than what he is offering right now. He needs to get the ball into the 18 yards and use his sleeky moves. I am optimistic about the MIlan derby, it might be a jump start to the old Milan… FORZA MILAN

  2. What a disgrace. Barely won with one man in plus for 70 minutes. No vision, no courage, nothing. Probably another season fighting for EL places just to be kicked out by UEFA. As a footballer i would be ashamed to say to someone that we won and how we won this game. I know 3 points are 3 points but could be 0. Verona hit the post and had a penalty which wasnt given. I still dont know why was red card at Calabria anyway. He will be missed vs Inter. Hopefully the team will bounce back on track but its hard with second hand footballers. Maybe 3-4 would deserve to play and be in the first 11 for such a big team.

  3. The new safety rules da kagare… IT Will not be Long before serie a is dead deqd dead. Just like planner by the marxist rulers of the in, EU and Banks. They are literally takimg away our civilisations circus together with bread… Wake up

  4. This Coach needs to go! He's changes Made Milan play worse then before .Piatek Already said In Polish TV the coach Is Trying To many things without One primary Strategy.

  5. É incrível que como toda vez que o milan joga mal o Giampaolo tenta jogar a responsabilidade para o Paquetá. Falou que Suso joga bem no meio campo e que Çalhanoglu é seu homem de confiança. Falou ainda que gostou da partida e que vai fazer do Paquetá um jogador completo. A cada entrevista ele tenta queimar o Paquetá e acha que está fznd um grande trabalho. Quem reclamou do 4° lugar com o Gattuso que aguente a segunda divisão com o Giampaolo.

  6. Where bennacer ??!!! Milan have two gol, but the referee said Piatek made a mistake on the opposing goalkeeper. in fact the goalkeeper has not fully held the ball until released … milam should have brought 3 beautiful goals and 3 points. If you only give the ball to the free standing rebic I'm sure the ball will come in !! just look ambitious without seeing a free friend. it must be changed he must play a team not an individual.

  7. Milan needs to improve……tough teams are still ahead of us…..playing lower teams like this, how will we handle teams like Inter, Juve & Roma. Anyways, I'm elated for secured 3 points. Forza Milan 💪

  8. 3 games in and I want gattuso back marco Giancarlo signs players to fit his system then ditches it after 1 game hate 2 say it but inter will smash us this weekend we should just get a class manager no more midtable managers from midtable clubs and no more primavera managers we need to aim high and once we get a class manager class players follow


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