Heathrow Bears Christmas TV Advert – #HeathrowBears

It’s a Wonderful Flight. The #heathrowbears are back in time for Christmas…

Find out more about them at: http://www.heathrow.com/heathrowbears

Like the song? That would be ‘I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love’ by Petula Clark: https://BMG.lnk.to/PetulaClark

Listen to the song in full here:https://BMG.lnk.to/PetulaClarkVidID

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  1. This airport has discrimination against Chinese. Normally, when customers spend 79 pounds in this airport, they can get 20% off voucher. But, when they are Chinese, they have to spend 1000 pounds! This is discrimination treatment on Chinese.

  2. Wonderful ad , wonderful song and genius vocal but why was it shown only in the south of England , do Heathrow bosses think us Northerners don't fly or use Heathrow ? LOL

  3. Why is the bear naked on the plane? But other than that good ad, but honestly can we walk bollock naked through Heathrow Airport? I know Gatwick and Stansted aren't so keen….

  4. My ex and I met 1997, and worked for B A.
    I lived in the states, and commuted back and forth
    Unfortunately died in 08.

    I saw the time change to 1997….our first Christmas together….and I although I was already tearing up…that sent me into full on waterworks.
    Lovely and tremendously bittersweet.
    Thank you Heathrow and B A.
    It hit my heart like nothing in a long while.
    Happy holidays to everyone this year!

  5. Absolutely excellent advert, and so well made.

    That really was Heathrow in 1967, or how it looked. BOAC (RIP) was called BOAC Cunard at the time. The aircraft is correct (VC10), the vehicles on the tarmac are correct, and the arrivals hall really did look like that. The travel bags, the bus, the uniforms. All perfect.


  6. I am just now watching this commercial; This is the best holiday ad ever. I love this!!! It brought tears to my eyes first time watching. Good job!!

  7. I met a Dutch guy in Bangkok around a decade ago. He had dated and married a KLM hostess back in the 70s. They had a ball, until she died of cancer a few years ago.

    Very sad.

  8. This just popped up on youtube and I love it, but wish they had remained bears — teddy bears are always cuter than humans.
    And I NEVER would have noticed that Petula Clark was seated on the plane if someone hadn't pointed it out in THEIR comment (thanks and good eye! — I love helpful, POSITIVE comments).

  9. Fucking hormones. This advert make me cry! Being 43 with 3 grown kids who are all away at uni and a 20 year marriage that’s as dead as my soul and being in menopause makes my hormone-addled brain cry at things like this! What a beautiful advert ❤️

  10. After over an hour of viewing Xmas ads when I should be tidying up… this is prob my no 1, Aldi 2015 John Lewis spoof ad is 2nd, Mac Donald’s 2020 is 3rd that done me in last year ha ha

  11. LOVE LIVE LOVE THIS ONE !!! I watched this on my phone in L.A. where I live !! A very well done commercial & a great concept !!! Bravo ~!!! 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍😃😍🌲💜🥁🐉🎤🎶🎁💕💞


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