*HEARTSTOPPER* Should Not Hurt My Feelings Like This . . .

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Comment (1,509)

  1. I already knew you were my favorite reactor, and this video made me more sure. I was feeling alone because I saw the cinderella story conection and no one else commented. But of course you did, you absolute queen!
    Love your videos so so much, i've been obsessed with this show since pride day, and just waiting for your reaction!
    Have an amazing day, weekend, year, everything! Your edits make my day, hope one day to be half as good as you!
    Love ❤️

  2. while i feel its a little too bright for my taste of stories, im glad there's a show where a LGBTQIA+ couple can just..be happy and in love, a dont have to face heavy trauma or anything so dark. Many of my LGBTQIA+ friends specially younger ones (teens) really like the series because they could picture themselfs on a good and happy relationship and i can understand that because teen series have gotten so dark recently.

  3. OMG also please watch the Sand man if u can the representation , n the story thecharecters and just ever thing is interesting n I think you'll really enjoy it.

  4. I'll tell you what, exposing people like me who haven't witnessed some of the bullying or feelings they go through and makes me feel really bad for anyone who does witness that. However it's so positive and all that it almost makes me feel depressed that I don't have ppl like a Nick type or Nick's. Mom I can rely on lol.

  5. Tao is so unlikeable most of the time. I don't understand why Charlie's relationship needs his approval. I don't understand why Charlie feels bad for not pushing Nick out of the closet to Tao. I don't understand why Tao acts as if it is his right now. He's all over the place and I wish they have made him more sympathetic after he found out that Charlie is dating Nick.

  6. I love your videos and I love your reactions and your message 16:13, cuz I’m a gay fan of yours and love watching you watch some of my fav shows and movies like Heartstopper and Marvel🏳️‍🌈💙🥰 Love ya internet mom💙🥰❤️

  7. you have to react to but i'm a cheerleader! it's the lady gaga clip you played in this video. also, if you're looking for something dramatic, i'd really like to see you react to portrait of a lady on fire (it has the lesbians!) and normal people (it has the irish).

  8. this is probably one of the best ways in which a show has every portrayed love as being universal. love is love. its normal, and should always be viewed that way.

  9. I'm a 38 yr old cis gendered heterosexual male and I enjoyed the hell out of this show. It's like the anti Euphoria in a good way. Everything doesn't need to be harsh and over sexualized, sometimes sweet and poignant does the job just fine.

  10. What you said at the end is SO true. Yes, the show deals with universal experiences that teenagers of any sexuality and gender can experience, but the fact that the show is an uplifting love story about two gay teens is what makes it so special. I’m in my late twenties, and I cried so many times while watching it – I think partially because it was cathartic to have the season stay mostly positive and end happily. But it was bittersweet, because I feel like I was also grieving the years of confusion and angst that I went through as a closeted teen, knowing that if I’d had shows like this, things might have been different for me. Anyway, this show and others like it are more important than people realise, and I’m glad you had fun watching it. ♥️♥️

  11. Ashley darling your edits game is on FIRE. I keep spitting my coffee and screaming! Literally a Queen.
    I loved that show. It made me cry like a little biatch.

  12. I've been watching your videos a lot this last week and I love your reactions. I find myself squealing and laughing along with you every time and I love that you're watching some of my favourite shows such as Heartstopper. I'm loving your personality, and ty for hours of entertainment <3

  13. heartstopper is so beloved to me i wish i had a show like this when i was younger. on the other hand you really should watch but im a cheerleader!! one of my fave movies its really really good

  14. i’m kind of sad that they chose not to use profanity in the show when it was used in heated moments in the graphic novels 🥲 nick just comes off to me in these moments as disappointed instead of fucking pissed

  15. I needed this. Also can we all acknowledge the scene between Tori and Charlie in his room cause🥺🥺🥺she's the sister we all need. You should buy the novel and check chapter 7 online. Alice went into a lot of serious subjects and did it so well while still having such an uplifting and fun story.

  16. Loved how comfortable you were, just sitting in bed and fully enjoying this. I did as well. Made me feel warm inside the whole video. You should make a format for this: comfort movies to watch in a comfortable setting. Love you, Ashley <3

  17. I don't know if someone already told you, but Tao is a Libra. And honestly, sometimes I get some Libra vibes from you too…

    Edit 1: for some reason, I need to see your reaction to the books. PLEASE, READ THE BOOKS. PLEEEAAASEEEEE!!!!!

    Edit 2: do you have any plans to watch Fear Street? I would really like to see your reaction to this Lil' masterpiece.

  18. This show meant so much to me❤️I‘ve been out as bisexual for 5 years and to see a bisexual character be portrayed as a main character made me so happy. Nicks journey has been very similar to mine, especially the coming out scene and it just means a whole lot to me to have such a positive, happy show about this community ❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈
    Also Ashs comment about being valid, loved etc made me cry 🥺

    Hope everyone’s doing good💜

  19. me having a terrible week: life is worthless. nothing makes me feel good anymore, i'm to tired to cook for myself or answer my friend's messages.
    ash uploads a video watching heartstopper

    i loved heartstopper, how close and faithful it was to the comic but still bringing it's own thing. i loved the way different important topics were handled (i mean, alice is an absolute sweetheart and an amazing writer). how tara and darcy had more scenes in the tv show (A BIG YES FOR THE SAPPHIC CONTENT) and also tao and elle (MY BABIES). i agree that the whole thing with tao can be… uncomfortable. in the comic tao tells charlie that he just doesn't want charlie to suffer the bullying he had when he was outed (that's… some story). back then tao was charlie's only friend and the only one to help charlie cope. that's why he's so overprotective of charlie. but i think it's good they combined the kind of 'jelousy' because i remember what it was like to be a teen… and yeah. that happens. feeling left out by your best friend who is hanging out with a guy who also hangs out with the people bullying you (both) is… well. if you see it that way, you can understand tao's position much better. learning how to communicate with other and how to build healthy relationships is something that comes over time, it's something that you learn. i'm 24 years old and i'm still learning, damn it.
    now, for those of us who've read the comic, we know what's coming and i'm excited to see how they will handle that on the show. alice did, once again, an amazing job of handling what IS a… difficult topic that not many people in the media know how to handle, usually.

  20. I have a suggestion. A league of their own. It's got baseball, it's very funny and heartwarming, it has queer women and some fantastic representation of female friendship


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