Health care for all: let’s make it a reality

This video invites you to sign the petition for Universal health coverage (UHC):
UHC means that all people have access to the quality health services they need, when and where they need them, without financial hardship. Yet at least half the people in the world do not receive the health services they need. Watch and share this video to help the World Health Organization to change this.

For more information on World Health Day please visit:

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  1. We should spread preventive health care to avoid later complication to reduce the burden, proper education, lifestyle, health should be the detailed topic for the first 20 years of education

  2. WHO不讓ROC加入 "健康是所有人都可享有的一项人权" 她媽的是假話 台灣人不是人啊!! "坚定"??? 你失職 細菌還跟你分哪裡人?? 把妳的學歷衝到馬桶裡!!!
    WHO fking deny that right for Taiwanese people, won't let Taiwan in WHA AGAIN. You are a hypocrite for saying "Health is a human right to be enjoy by all people not a privilege for the few." You should wash your degree down in the toilet. Do bacteria care which nationally are you? You all derelict your duty!!!

  3. Ok my fellow Democrats, let's put on our thinking caps for a paragraph or so here. Because we hate self-made billionaires (and millionaires but we'll get to that in a few sentences), let's assume we tax the top three at 100%. That's Putin (200 bil), Jeff Bezos (150 bil), and Bill Gates (100 bil). 450 billion total. Let's pick our favorite program, "free health care for all." Ok. how long will 450 bil pay for free health care for all? A whopping 3 months! That's right, 3 months! Now as a consequence we no longer have Microsoft (no laptops, pc gaming), we no longer have the ability to buy online while we are locked down at home because we just wiped out Amazon, and we no longer have Russia to blame for any potential outcome of the 2020 election because 200 billion will wipe out their nation. So now, what about the 4th month of free health care? Ok, so now we tax the next 50 billionaires at 100%. That's 1 month of free health care for all. Only one measly month! And as a consequence, we have wiped out millions of jobs as well as auto's, airlines, gas, oil, internet service, gaming, cell phones, heating and cooling in our homes, no home building, no apartments for rent, no taxes for government and schools, and on and on it goes. You see hating and taxing people because they are paid well to do great for us and provide us a lifestyle the world has never seen before has far-reaching and permanent consequences. Greed wants all and gets none. By taking from others, we will lose it all. A vote for Biden in November will bring all of this bankruptcy to pass. And we will never be able to take it back.


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