He Killed A Princess and Made His Priest Wear Her Skin (Aztec Stories)

Aztecs lived by a different code and being part of a sacrifice to appease the gods was seen as an honor, but from today’s standards, the rituals of the Aztecs are seen as extreme and horrifying! Check out some of the craziest things the Aztecs did that were just part of their daily life.

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📝 SOURCES:https://pastebin.com/vGJ70HSv

All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

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Comment (371)

  1. Like your videos. But bothers me that a lot videos uses El Castillo (Mayan) when they talk about the Aztecs. 2 different group of people my friend. It always happens i guess.

  2. First time I heard of the Aztecs, I was like "they sound advanced and cool" I guess I was misinformed. The Spaniards were also bleeping bleep bleeps but they did good by removing the psychotic DNA of Aztecs from the earth

  3. Yea right and you really think I'm foolish to believe that mess? Funny how history is written by the people who murdered these Noble wise people just to be disrespected by lies.

  4. Your information about the dream it’s incompetent the sign was “in a valley over a lake you will find an eagle in a cactus devouring a snake” thats why That image is in the Mexican flag.

  5. You forgot one important part: The one where the decimation of other peaceable tribes hundreds of miles away centuries later became ostensibly justified on the internet in the early 21st century because these oafs were wearing each other's skins in another place and time.

  6. But but but but…..the indigenous peoples werent all tree hugging hippies??? That’s not what I hear on CNN or MSNBC who I trust more than anything else!

  7. Just watch Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. People have a false narrative about the Aztecs. Sure they had a written language, a calendar, and studied astronomy. But they also owned slaves and were a very brutal culture. If the Spanish Conquistadors didn't come along they still would've killed each other and likely peasant uprising would had enviablely occurred.

  8. Remember people, this is only a founding *STORY*! There's no way to verify that this whole skin suit part of the story ever actually happened. And while you shouldn't praise their human sacrifices, there's never a reason to justify enslavement by a foreign power.

  9. I'm actually a true Aztec( actually half Aztec, my other half is Ucranian) , born right there in the Aztec land, and i want to give you props for butchering the Aztec names you pronounce them better than me…LOL, anyway, XIPE TOTEC was a serious business, it's pronounced SHipE–tOh-tE'c…and that was the most brutal of human sacrifices. but don't fear me, i will not skin you off.

  10. I hope one day, these untrustworthy sources will no longer be told and rather the actual stories that were passed down. A lot of this is heavily European influenced, we are seeing things through their eyes and not through the eyes of someone who is Mexikah tenochkah. Aztec Philosophy by James Maffie or The natural history of the soul in ancient Mexico, by Jill Leslie McKeever Furst are some excellent sources to try and understand the very heavy and metaphorical philosophical stories which go much deeper on these stories. This is very bare boens and doesn't make much sense, without proper understanding of what each act meant, this entire things sounds chaotic.

  11. Fun fact: when Elliot Spencer was being transformed into Pinhead, his human soul fused with that of Xipe Totec. I guess it’s fitting that Xipe was around during the “Flaying of Men” period.


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