HD: Leaping Lechwe – Nature’s Great Events: The Great Flood – BBC One

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Each year over one million wildebeest and zebra invade the Serengeti grasslands, making it a paradise for the predators the live there.

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  1. thats funny the lechwe just joy in the fact that the lions cant get them in the moment what a great way of living if only humans were that intelligent hahhahaha

  2. Yes very aquatic, Theyre born as tadpoles in the water and feed on the underwater vegetation and then arise from them into adolescent antelopes and feed on the marsh grasses!

  3. Life on Earth (1979) Β· The Living Planet (1984) Β· The Trials of Life (1990) Β· Life in the Freezer (1993) Β· The Private Life of Plants (1995) Β· The Life of Birds (1998) Β· The Life of Mammals (2002) Β· Life in the Undergrowth (2005) Β· Life in Cold Blood (2008) Β· First Life (2010) These are all awesome wildlife documentaries by BBC and David Attenborough.

  4. @fatulalaloo

    Humans are incredibly intelligent, and the only reason you're able to watch a video like this, or communicate with people on the internet who are thousands of miles away from you. It's okay to appreciate your own species too.

  5. Don't worry my friend, you are only a part of the small minority that are not intelligent (as evidenced by your anti-human comment). The rest of us humans are highly intelligent. Gosh, it must suck to be so stupid that you view an animal as mentally superior to your self.


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