HD: Grizzly Bears Negotiate Snowy Mountains – Nature’s Great Events: The Great Salmon Run – BBC One

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A mother grizzly and her cubs emerge from their den high in snowy Alaskan mountains. Filming from the air the team capture a TV first, following the bears as they negotiate a near vertical slope on their journey to the coast where they await the return of the salmon.

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  1. The frame rate's fine for me. Perhaps the graphics card in your computer isn't designed to watch HD content.

    Stunning quality, I must say! I only watch HD videos on YouTube to see how good the quality is: this video has brilliant quality.

  2. You must havemisunderstood something.
    Youtube decodes every uploaded video to 3 formats.
    By using "&fmt=" with a number, you just reach the correspondant videofile on the server.
    22 is the HD file
    18 is the HQ one
    and the other one is irrelevant.

    So by adding 22 at the end, all you do is the same as licking on the HD button on the right corner o f the video..

  3. This planet is sooo beautiful, including all the creatures living on it, including us! There should be a class since the first grade that teaches future generations how to love this planet, because I think past generations and our generation have not loved it enough, or better said, have not known how to love it, at least the majority of the population cause only the minority cares(one in a thousand).

  4. Bears are thee most beautiful creatures ive ever seen. peaceful and fierce. im glad theyre still here and should still be here during my generation. it is tuely a shame that humans build "polution factories" in their forests.. maybe someday we will see some change but that wont be in my lifetime

  5. Did you know polar bear populations are, and have been, on the rise? Not sure about Grizzlies.

    These particular bears living very, very far from people. The film crew were probably the first humans they have ever seen is my guess.

    Most of Canada is quite uninhabitable.

  6. I agree Bears are very beautiful animals, very peaceful but fierce; in ancient Japan bears were considered equal to men. They are very deep creatures πŸ™‚ I am very lost as to where the cause of the issues our world is facing actually lie; I think it is a natural occurence but there is much we can do to slow it down. We operate on such a large scale it is undeniable that we have an impact on the Earth. We must behave consciously.
    PS Bears look like men in suits lol

  7. Furthermore, I think these programs are amazing. The original aim was to show unique aspects of the world but in way so striking that we are firced to sit up and think about natural world. I have always loved Nature but never did I become so active in my interest until watching Planet Earth.
    They use this amaizng device called a Helligimbal. It means they can soar in chopper sat massively high altitudes and zoom in to film. The flight is just outside the animals hearing. BBC are the best.

  8. Greed is a factor but I would have to say that is a rather narrow asessment of the issues, do not forget apathy; I think this is the largest issue of all. Too many people do not care.

  9. What assumptions are you working with and what are you trying impress upon with the question about where I am from?

    Are you going to tell me that most of Canada is indeed a hospitable place to live? If so, then why do 90% of all Canada's live pressed against the US border?

  10. Makes me wanna stop eating when I see how animals suffer from lack of food and we, humans, got it all in abundance and stuff our faces like pigs, while the rest of the nature world hardly survives.

  11. It's nice for people to discover the BBC like I did and realize what America is missing out on when the conservatives try to cut subsidies for PBS. The BBC is one of the most objective news networks in the world and it's run by the government… hmmmm :-/

  12. @cr7owns

    When it comes to animals, I'm very lucky to live in Canada. I've had the good fortune of seeing Black Bears in person. I was lucky they were only cubs and the mother wasn't around. I've seen bald eagles, Hawks, foxes, and two weeks ago I saw a deer along highway 416 going north from Presscott to Ottawa. Among other things I have seen porcupines, snakes, huge bull frogs. If you live long enough in Canada you will see an amazing assortment of creatures. Continued.

  13. @cr7owns

    I was angry at my ex girlfriend when she messed around with my camera and erased my rare picture of a Hawk that landed in my parents Toronto backyard. We don't see very many of those birds and the careless one destroyed my valuable memory.


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