Having your cast removed at Boston Children’s Hospital

Having a cast removed can be intimidating for kids. See how quickly a cast is removed and how a cast saw works. Getting a cast off, may even make you laugh.

Learn more about cast care and maintenance: http://www.childrenshospital.org/centers-and-services/centers/orthopedic-center/your-orthopedic-visit/cast-care-and-maintenance

Watch a video on having a cast put on: https://youtu.be/ZW4D0vmBtvE

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  1. I remember I broke my elbow, cause I was sitting on the sofa and I on my elbow.

    Thing was.

    my elbow fell inside of a roller skate and I was skating while I was stuck to the roller skate

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  3. I broke my left elbow 2 times, my left wrist 4 times and my right wrist 2 times, the feeling you get after getting the cast off your arm is so refreshing you feel so good and your arm is breathing lol

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  5. i had broken my arm when i was 5 and when the lady asked me what color i wanted out of blue and pink i had said blue bc it was my favorite color and she deadass said “No blue is for boys” and gave me pink instead like mf then why tf did u ask me in the first place

  6. Hi it's billy again from Boston children's hospital and today I'm with my friend lucas. For demonstration purposes I broke his arm and put it on a cast. 😀

  7. Hello! You are in the treatment Debequa dysplasia? The child is 10 years old, she was already born like this, she does not grow and cannot stand on her feet. Thank you!

  8. i just removed my cast yesterday…..i had a elbow dislocation when i tried scoring bicycle goal…after removing the cast my elbow was so stiff i still can't extend or do flexation of my elbow but i sure do feel better after removing my cast..

  9. Yep, watching this video while on cast. It will be removed on august 19. And i'm little bit scared of how painful it will be to try circular motion. But this kid take it like a champ.

  10. I had mine removed today, like the guy said there's no way the saw can cut you. Mine had no padding underneath just a sock, literally took under a minute and just a tingly sensation. The only worst part of removing the cast is the process after. Mine is so stiff and can't bend it at all or rotate it and hurts when I try. For kids it will be different as they heal faster. I'm 37 so got a long process of exercises ahead of me I feel

  11. 🙋🏻‍♂️🧒🏼Thank you for this video. I wanted to educate my 32 month old grandson Mason, about what happens when our limbs ( arms / legs ) break on the cola stuff now available. 2-7-2022 👍🏻🎈

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