Hashtags: #WorstSummerJob

Jimmy reads some of his favorite tweets with the hashtag #WorstSummerJob.

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Hashtags: #WorstSummerJob

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Comment (347)

  1. Worst summer job was at Victoria’s Secret…fitting bitchy teens and middle aged moms with bras and underwear then spending all night until 1 am folding the panties that were on display and stuffing them in drawers..the only perk was not the pay obviously I got the occasional bra and bottle of lotion for free whenever there was a product launch or VS was rebranding a product

  2. I'd say people who swim in a 3-foot-deep pool are very likely to drown in it, given they are probably not good at swimming and might panic when fully submerged.

  3. I once was working in a drugstore during the summer after 3-4 months and 2 good reviews they fired me. They did not wanted to tell me why. My mom was pretty pissed so went by the store to check why I was fired.. The manager said I looked to much like someone from middle school…. at that moment I was in middle school…. 😐

  4. I was a lifeguard. If someone claims they are drowning, they really aren’t. He did fine by telling them to stand. A person can’t yell or speak when drowning. I also hated it when people ran. Wet cement is terrible to run on cause it gets slippery and that’s a recipe for a spinal injury.

  5. 0:50 I sympathize with v_i_price. I'm perfectly likable, reasonably intelligent, friendly and polite but I also don't have a "front-of-store face." My face has been my misfortune, you might say. You photogenic people don't know how lucky you are.

  6. Wichita, Kansas.. mid 1970's… I worked for Kwiky hamburgers. Was supposed to be manager for the next new store… but the new store didnt happen, they grew too fast. We had great t-shirts… 'mmm mmm just had a kwiky'….

  7. Idk man, asking people if "they'd like to try a quickie?" & see how they respond, sounds pretty great to me LMAO!!
    UNLESS, someone got real creepy & took it too far lol *shrug

  8. Love you Jimmy. You are an inspiration. Cute and funny stockroom boy turned out to be the hottest and funniest talk show host in history of television. I mean it.

  9. I know what Jimmy is talking about wanting people to not unfold clothes. I used to work in the apparel department at Wal-Mart-it's the most annoying thing when people mess up folded clothes and just threw clothes back on racks!!

  10. Fast Food Cashier:Would You Like to Try a Quickie?
    me:Sure,But Wouldn’t we Have to go Someplace More Private?
    Fast Food Cashier:no,no,It’s a Burger
    me:oh,Well,It’s a Fucked up Name For a Burger
    Fast Food Cashier:You’re Telling me

  11. I worked in a store where the manager said that I was "too fat to sell these type of clothes". Never underestimate the cruelty and evil of human beings.

  12. After buying some clothes at Abercrombie years ago I looked at the bag. The shirtless model on the bag was a guy who was in my class in high school…Chris Carmack.
    Once I watched an Amy Schumer movie and looked her up on Wikipedia and saw an older pic of her. I then realized I knew her from our college, she was kinda rude to me then and we worked on the comedy(or music I can't remember) committee together…
    Once I was babysitting for this family from my swim team that lived in my neighborhood and was looking through their books on their bookshelves. I saw an Emmy Award and thought it was a novelty one. For some reason I said something to my Mom after the fact. My Mom told me Jaime McIntyre(the father of the family I had babysat for) is a CNN Correspondent and that was a real Emmy Award. I saw him a few years later on CNN.
    Once my high school Chemistry teacher asked me if I was related to these people with my same last name. I asked my father later and he said yes. Turns out they did some huge thing that everyone knows about and there's a building at Harvard named after them.
    I could keep going…

  13. My mother, my uncle (my dad's brother) 2 of my brothers and I were leaving a chinese restaurant and there was a shelf of advertisement pamphlets and one was for a scooter of some kind called the "Quickie". My uncle asked my mom "hey would you like a quickie?" after which we were all horrified and laughing. My mom didn't find it funny til she figured out he didn't mean sex. Lol

  14. I have never worked in retail and I always refolded anything I unfolded. I just watched employees refold huge piles of cloths other people just throw on top of smaller piles. I think it’s just common courtesy and nice thing to do. It’s like if mom did the wash, you take your part of the laundry process by either throwing in dryer or folding cloth. If someone isn’t lazy enough to unfold even type of graphic on a department stand, then they shouldn’t have zero energy to fold the damn thing back up. It’s just people being lazy 😒 and it’s not a new generation thing! It’s across all generations. Just be nice to retailers all around. Don’t take everything apart, make them laugh/ be polite, don’t ask to speak the their manager (any job i have worked at, that has never ended well for this individuals.. 😒🤬😒 they always regret those words), and wish them a nice day / night or wish them luck with their shift ending soon to enjoy life outside of their shitty paying job

  15. My Dad got me a part-time job between my junior and senior years of high school. It was steam cleaning of the insides of tanker truck trailers. Lasted two nights.

  16. OMG I can’t imagine if the cashier asking the customer “would you like to have a quickie today?” And a customer would say “ewww no” and cashier would reply “I mean the burger called quickie”

  17. While I've never had a Summer Job myself, my (now ex) cousin once worked at a library for a Summer. He did it as part of some community service.

    (As to what he did to earn that community service, to quote a certain gym teacher, "I'd rather not talk about it." Trust me, your better off not knowing, anyway.)


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