Hashtags: #WorstGiftEver

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #WorstGiftEver.

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Hashtags: #WorstGiftEver

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  1. i got a medium shirt for my birthday once

    i'm 187 cm tall and weigh 125 kg …..

    even if i lost 30 kg .. i'd still wear at least XL

  2. My papa gave me a flower pressor for Christmas. It was a wooden box with cardboard in it. I dug and dug through the cardboard to try to find something but there was nothing there till finally I said “What kind of present is this?” I was seven

  3. My Grandma once gave my brother my Grandpa`s old underwear, "Because I heard that High School students dont have enough money to buy themselves some clothes."

  4. I got that coloring book for a friend as a white elephant gift. After he opened it he put it in his car. A year goes by and I hop into his car, and it's in the exact same place. LOL

  5. One year my stepmother gave my sister a pair of boots that were both for the left foot. Not only that, they were hideous, and still had the $5 clearance sticker still attached.

  6. Oatmeal raisin is my favorite type of cookie… Well I have 2 favorites… The other one I call chocolate chipless… I either look up the recipe for TollHouse online or take a pic of the recipe and don't add in the chocolate chips… This way I don't have to nibble around the chips because I absolutely love the rest

  7. For my wedding someone gave me used kitchen towels that hadn't even been washed. They still had crud stuck to them. How do you write a thank you note for that??

  8. As stocking stuffers Mom gave each of us calendars. Only one of the six was for the following year. Four only we're good for another week. The sixth was for the previous year. Family joke after that was if someone got a calendar was to check the date. Mom would always groan.

  9. When I was 15 my granny gave me a Disney princess sticker book and a watch that taught you how to tell the time. I’m her youngest grandchild so it kinda makes sense that she would want to give childish presents. My sisters say I should sell these gifts on, butt then I wouldn’t have the option and proof for whenever I tell this story!

  10. My grandfather's wife (not my grandma, she was clear on that), would give the worst gifts. Usually it was clothing like an incredibly ugly sweater that she bedazzled herself, or a shirt in the wrong size with large applique flowers all over it. Just the thing for a teenage girl who lived in jeans and t-shirts. Still do, actually:) To this day I'm not sure if it was passive aggressive, or if she genuinely thought the clothes were attractive. I also have an aunt who is infamous for regifting things…one time the item still had a lovely note inside addressed to her husband. Note to regifters: at least check inside first!

  11. For my18th birthday my parents flew to New York to attend my sister's wedding and I thought I was going to get a ticket to go with them, instead I was handed the keys to their car and told to get an oil change. Inside the car was my birthday card with coupons to Arby's.

  12. One year I was feeling incredibly nice around the holidays since I was away at Advanced Training in the Army, and when a special Christmas bazaar was in the area, what I ended up getting my grandfather and step-grandmother (on my mom's side) were knit Native American Coasters for whenever they would have company over. When I went to give that to them, they ended up giving my younger brothers and I a wallet picture of them. My younger brothers were unhappy, I was just short of livid, and it's now only my parents who exchange gifts with them around Christmas.

  13. So since I've been single for so long my 2 best friends got me cucumbers for my birthday!! And they said "you can eat whatever is left of them"😂 I love those bastards😂💔

  14. My bro once gave his girlfriend of months a proposal card for valentines day, because he thought the outside looked nice.

    same bro when we were little opened up the wrapping on his christmas present to reveal a barbie box, inside the box was his real gift.

  15. One year my grandmother got me a butane powered glue gun and my sister a shapeless full length denim dress with velvet trim for Christmas.

    I’d say it’s the thought that counts, but she clearly just raided her craft room before we came over.

  16. This one might sound crazy, but here goes: One year for Christmas my sister decided to play a little joke on me, by putting a bag in my Christmas stocking, and I was a good boy that year, but (and this is where it gets crazy) The thing that was in the bag was coal all the way from West Virginia, when I open the bag I was like (and I quote) “COAL? Are you crazy? I’ve been a good boy this year!” But on the bright side, I put that coal into a campfire!


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