Hashtags: #MyDumbTradition

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MyDumbTradition.

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Hashtags: #MyDumbTradition

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Comment (325)

  1. Higgins gets hated on for dumb shit and he's funny as fuck. Did you even catch that reference right after the tweet of the brothers that weigh themselves before/after dinner to the previous tweet of "santa coming up the toilet"? CLASSIC

  2. In Iceland there are 13 santas. On the night of desember 10th kids put their shoe in the window. The first Santa brings the kids a toy/candy or whatever in his/her shoe and the other 12 come night after night. We don’t get our presents from Santa. Our parents, uncles, aunts and relatives just buy us and we open em from them 🙂 When kids are little in Iceland their parents usually scare them with With a Christmas myth. The legend says that all 13 Santa’s had a troll mother and an evil father ‘’The mom will steal all kids who don’t behave well and eat them. You will get rotten potatoes in your shoe and no candy’’We also open our presents Christmas Eve 🙂 that’s Iceland 🇮🇸 🤣

  3. since i was like 2 years old, i have a tradition that every time i go to disney i have to go to it's a small world ride first before any other ride. im 17 and i still do this

  4. My uncle first said this phrase, "You have to lick it to claim it." And now whenever my brother and I share food, pass each other stuff, or anything else, we always either pretend to lick it, or sometimes we actually lick it.

  5. My neighbors have a family tradition of running bare foot in the snow with a beer in their left hand every new years night. I laugh at them from my window every time.

  6. The tree topper we had for our fake tree was to heavy, so I cut out a pice of yellow paper in the shape of a star and stapled it to the top of the tree. We’ve keep it ever since

  7. Late to the hashtag here, but my family has an awesome ornament of Krampus clutching a crying child, and every year hubby and I make sure there's a gag gift from Krampus wrapped in brown paper and addressed in red marker so it looks like blood.👹

  8. My son (maybe 5 at the time) wouldn't let us put out cookies for Santa. We had to leave ham and potatoes by the chimney, that way Santa would have to come to our house first before he could have his cookies.

  9. 0ne Christmas About 8 Years Ago, I Got My Son Some Body Wash.
    And I Also Got His Dad Sone Body Wash.
    My Son Said, In A Rude Tone "Is That All You Know How To Buy Is Body Wash For People??"
    Now Every Year For Christmas, I Get Himm Body Wash!!!
    It's More 0f A Gag Gift Tho. And Then I Say "Yes, That's ALL I Know How To Buy Is Body Wash!!!"

  10. When my daughter was 4, I wrote her a letter pretending its from Santa and put it on her bed so she can wake up and read it. She read it and came to me with " nice try mom" 😅 how the heck she figured it out at such young age is still a puzzle to me lol no more tradition lol

  11. Just came off the weird family hashtag video and literally one was the beer in the treadmill. Was this before or after that episode i dont know but omg the timing

  12. Gotta say, loving these a lot more once i got ad blocker so I'm no longer forced.

    Flipping greedy bastiges. Makes millions a year, still need to jack us for 30 seconds we can't skip. That's just. Pathetic.

  13. Santa always came but only when everyone was asleep. My beggest childhood fear was when I couldn't fall asleep cause I was to worried that if I didn't Santa wouldn't come

  14. Back in the day I used to walk on the treadmill and smoke a cigarette at the same time. I would put an ashtray in the water bottle holder. 🤷‍♀️

  15. My 3 siblings and I can't avoid the christmas songs around the tree but what we can do is overambitiously sing along in unneccesarily fancy but still appropriate ways. We're not quite bad singers and we love christmas with the family so we do try to make it stick but it is…different.
    Basically a contest on who can show off the most in 600 year old church songs without annoying mom

  16. When i was a child, i asked how does Santa get in the house, because our house doesn't have a chimney, and my mom replied he comes in through the letter box. 🎅 🤣🤣

  17. My cousins and I had a tradition of playing hide and seek upstairs whenever we hang out.
    There’s a couch in the main room we use as a base. The rules are you have to hide away from the couch and if you can get to the couch without being tagged you don’t have to seek. First person to get tagged has to seek. Dont tag anyone? You gotta seek again. I’ve had times where I was the seeker at least 2 times in a row. It’s a weird tradition but a good one.


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