Hashtags: #MyDumbFight

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MyDumbFight.

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Hashtags: #MyDumbFight

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Comment (988)

  1. my best friend and I argued if they sing "hakuna matata, what a wonderfull phrase" or "what a wonderfull word". It took months until I looked it up and could proove that I was right 💪

  2. so there is a mirror on the top step of the stage and when this woman gets to the step jimmy looks down for a split second. is this where he meets all his guests? if so is that the reasion that the mirror is there?

  3. my sister spent 2 hours in the bathroom with me banging on the door when my bladder finally hurts so bad i opened the door and found her sat there not peeing but on her phone so i snapped and punched her in the face grabbed her by hair and dragged her out of the bathroom i was in so much pain i didnt realise my sister was crying until i got downstairs and saw my mum holding my big sisters bleeding face when i asked if i was in trouble my mum said "you bet you are i told if your gonna fight do it outside cause now there is a trail of blood down the stairs"

  4. My brother and I got in a fight over who controls the TV remote. Granted he was watching fishing trust me fishing is just as boring watching it then actually doing it. When I hid the remote from him he just walked up to me and punched me in the face 15 stitches later he got the remote back.

  5. My husband n I argued over where to throw toilet paper after you've pooped when your visiting people. All in the toilet where it can possibly get clogged OR half in the toilet and half in the trash can possibly stinking up the bathroom. All the laughs turned into awkward silence… Lol 😄😄

  6. Actually Mickey tried to divorce Minnie, and his attorney told him he couldn't divorce her just for being crazy. Mickey said "I'm not divorcing her for being crazy, I'm divorcing her because she's f**king Goofy!"

  7. I don't know what's harder to handle: Mickey and Minnie have both a person and professional life OR that Pluto is no longer a planet ?!?!

    ….ps. No pun intended with the whole Pluto thing.

  8. 😎 I imagine that Lauren was experiencing one of those 'TOTALLY UNEXPECTED MOMENTS' in life. She handled it well, but was NERVOUS as hell. She probably couldn't wait to get back to her seat❗That was quite cool of Jimmy, though. 👍🏾

  9. My parents argue over grammer (dad is canadian, step-mom american)
    They fought when I had friends over for pizza; "err" vs "ere" (*sigh, so dumb)
    To err is human… my err was inviting friends to my house

  10. There are hundreds of Mickeys and Minnies. I went to massage school with a Minnie. She lived in her car. The pay apparently is not a living wage.


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