Hashtags: #ItShouldBeIllegalTo

Jimmy reads some of his favorite tweets with the hashtag #ItShouldBeIllegalTo.

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Hashtags: #ItShouldBeIllegalTo


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  1. I'm going to date myself, but I was in college when that song "Hanging By a Moment" by Lifehouse came out. Our downstairs neighbors threw a party, got drunk (I'm assuming), and blasted that song on repeat for like 2 hours. It was years before I could stand to listen to it again.

  2. “Illegal to sneeze more than twice?” I’ve never sneezed less than twice in my life. My record is 13 in one sneeze session. My friends just got to the point where they just say “Bless you, for however many times you sneezed.” I just giggle and say “Thank you.” I’m used to it.

  3. I got a good one: “It should be illegal to let telemarketers (the ones that are scammers) call any phone number (including blocked ones) for the 34 millionth time in a row, what part of “not interested“, “wrong number”, or even “not today” do these telemarketers not get? HELLO!”

  4. Anyone notice how some of these like the sneeze joke were stolen off of internet memes… Like on every video there's a hastag that's an old meme I saw on Facebook before these videos were made. 😂😂

  5. Only in the U.S. could people be SO backward that they still swipe the magnetic strip on their debit card! SMH Most of the world has had chips in their cards for 20 years and most of us in Canada just tap our cards onto the top of the machines.

  6. It should be illegal to drive to a place that is across the street from your house. Like remember in Toy Story 2 when Al drove to his toy store from his home? That was across the street.

  7. Twitter is gay and only for uneducated kids that talk in text format! But they do this cuz it helps get them both paid! Jew owners of both demand it! And the side guy sucks at trying to be funny!

  8. SOMEBODY PLEASE reupload these hashtag things but take out all the talking and "jokes" in-between!!! they are NEVER funny .. sorry , but they really aren't lol … JUST READ THE DAMN HASHTAGS !

  9. Im not doing shit after qurontine. So I'm still going to sit around and smoke weed and binge watch the tonight show. I love Jimmy Fallon all I want to watch is Jimmy daddy all day long!!

  10. Please do something to garner media attention about China's aggressive actions against Australia. Australia has supported America for decades and now are being targeted by a superpower intent on controlling them politically.
    If you could bring international attention to how close Australia is to a physical war and the devastating consequences for America should China win.

  11. It should be illegal to half lift your vehicle. Its annoying but also dangerous because it takes your headlights off the road. Either lift all four wheels equally or drive your car as is.

  12. What really pisses me off about Netflix and them asking if we're still watching is they'll do it right after I have fast-forwarded or rewound or paused it as if I'm not interacting with it or something. 😤

  13. OMG, stop already with the useless banter- just get to the hashtags. Use the time needed to stretch out the show’s episode with better content, please.

  14. It should be illegal in construction zones for vehicles to not merge when signs FIRST GIVE INDICATION THAT LANE AHEAD ENDS! If they reach the lane closure a cop is there passing out the citations you unaware careless driver!

  15. It should be illegal for customers to come back to the counter at a fast food restaurant complaining that there’s pickles on their sandwiches when they didn’t want pickles. For God sakes, JUST REMOVE THE PICKLES YOURSELF! DON’T BOTHER US ABOUT IT!


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