Hashtags: #FitnessFail

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #FitnessFail.

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Hashtags: #FitnessFail

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  1. I've been having a problem with your videos where the audio will play but the box is all black. Hasn't happened on anything except Fallon videos, which I enjoy, so you might want to look into that? Am I the only one?
    EDIT:: Just noticed the little logo is still there in the bottom right corner, so it's definitely not my computer just acting up….

  2. I love your videos and you sound like Ariana Grande I have a sweet like candy perfume it is the best I like your videos and I hope to see more and lots and lots of videos from you I am your number one subscriber I love you

  3. I tried to look for an open spot in the gym to rack the weights I thought some jerk left on the machine only to be told that the weights were in fact already racked onto the machine and the bar was empty just needed to be loaded with weights :/

  4. I was running on the treadmill listening to music on my phone. My phone fell, but the earphones were still in my ears so as I'm trying to pick up my phone suddenly my hair tie-breaks and my hair blinds me. I then tripped over my phone and flung myself backwards on the treadmill in front of the entire gym. It was epic! HAHAHA! I had carpet burn and rubber rash everywhere. Never again. #FitnessFails

  5. I hated gym starting from third grade — new school, no kids liked me, and I couldn't run. Then, in the second part of my junior year of high school, my mom wrote to the school and said, "My daughter is clumsy — she won't be doing gym class anymore." Wish it had happened a long time ago, but thankfully senior year was less stressful because of it.

  6. One day I was in a park with my friends. One of them was sitting on a machine to work out while eating chips, drinking coke and scrolling through her phone. My other friend took photos, she fortunately still has them.

  7. I wanted to run in the mornings, but the first I tried doing it, my phone fell down from my pocket and when I picked up it, the screen was broken…

  8. First day at climbing club I tried the bouldering wall, got half way up, let go and landed on the crash mat on my feet but lost my balance and fell on my back. I was more embarrassed than anything else

  9. Have to say this because even "professionals" make mistakes. Was meeting a client who was warming up on the treadmill. My plan was to stand on the adjacent treadmill and chat with him, but I didn't notice that the last person had left this treadmill running….one second I was starting to say hello to my client and the next I had shot backwards about 5 feet and was in a faceplant on the floor. Wasn't seriously injured, just my pride, and the other trainers wouldn't let me hear the end of it for several weeks!

  10. Back in high school, a friend and I wanted to start jogging. During our first day, we ran 2 miles, got to a store, bought donuts, and called my dad to pick us up. We never tried again. 😅

  11. I felt great, did 100 squats, 25 push-ups, ran 20 times up and down the stairs and then walked calmly for 30minutes. I then went to the kitchen and ate 3 cookies and 2 servings of pasta.

  12. The are you copying me one that's an exact copy of the Will and Grace scene where Grace goes into the gym but can't afford the personal trainer and copies off the other lady during her session but it was one to get the ladys butt bigger

  13. One time me and my sister were doing some arm workouts at the gym and a random lady comes up to us and says "Do you guys need help? you guys look lost". As if it was our first time working out at the gym. It was so embarrassing bc we've had been going for quite some time. Smh

  14. When me and my friend were younger, we went to the gym and a self-trainer was worried about his light weight and stuff when doing pull ups. They have him a workout elastic band to tie around his feet and the bar. It pinged off and hit him in the crotch. HE STAYED UP THERE TOO! 😂

  15. Sorry I don't watch this show often so idk who that guy is standing by the mic. Who is he? Like what's his usual role in this talk show?

  16. It's ridiculous what we use our exercise equipment for. Right now I have a bike folded up that I'm using for a coat rack and a hat rack and a place to hang bags and it is dusty. And the excuse that I have for not using it is "where am I going to put all the stuff?"

  17. i do the same thing as the "are you copying me guy" except i watch/ follow from a good distance away and take notes of each thing they do and for how long. once they leave i then do the same work out. not a fail but jokes on them i get a free trainer plus i do extra with the walking i do by following them. havent been caught yet lol

  18. My doctor prescribed an asthma inhaler for exercise-induced asthma. The following year she asked how it was working. I replied, "I'll let you know when I finally exercise."

  19. the guy benching should've of cried out for help. obviously no one noticed, or they thought whatever you were doing was some new exercise move or something.

    no need to yell like the apocalypse is nearing just a quick loud "a little help guys" and I guarantee you they would've rushed over to your aid

  20. I gained 20 pounds doing 2 months of PE in ninth grade. I had to drop the class and retake it online. I have a health condition that makes me gain weight when I exercise. I've lost 25 pounds since then. 15 of which were just since quarantine started.

  21. Following a particularly heavy festive season of food and drink, I started running as part of my New Year fitness regime. I took the same route for a week and on day 5, I passed this old guy's house as I had done for four days previously. That morning, he was out in the garden, saw me and said "Keep going, son, you might lose that weight by next Christmas." #FitnessFails


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