HALLOWEEN SONG (Don’t know what I wanna be…)

Leave a comment on what costume you think I should wear for Halloween!! And thanks for subbing, as always!! xoxo Elle


I don’t know what to be for Halloween …
A 90’s punk star rockin’ out to Queen.
A flapper girl with a sequence hair thing..
Or just go with a Mexican theme, ole
I want to be original, I want to get compliments
I want to be cute, but I got to confess to you…
So much pressure to look hot on Halloween, so I’ll sing
Should I be a naughty nurse?
Should I be a naughty ref?
But why do we have to be naughty?
Cuz I just wanna say, I’d be OK,
Wearin’ my onesie PJ’s….
OHhhh OOHhh, what should I be for Halloween
Ohhh Ooohh…leave me a comment what you think!!

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