Hal Steinbrenner weighs in on Cole, Strasburg rumors

Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner joins Meredith Marakovits to discuss his club’s pursuit of potential big-name pitchers like Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg this MLB offseason. Subscribe for daily sports videos!

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Comment (128)

  1. Trade voit and a pitcher for Chris archer or a bird & Ford for Josh Bell give him matsui number and then Cole can get voit number or just sign strausberg and let Cole go to the highest bidder and they should trade with the reds or Phil's Tucker barnhart or Andrew Knapp would be a great lefty back up option since romine is gone and to let Gary dh and rest it be a great move if they could send send Philly some talent like Tyler Wade or thario Estrada and higashioka or I even deal Anthony siegler if they got back a jt realmuto or some bullpen help like bringing David Robertson back and getting rid of ottavino they really get trade smarter and sign the right guy…. And Ryu or madbum would be a wonderful addition since they could afford to sway Madison from Atlanta, Philly or even worse Boston or Houston

  2. Thete you go, the number that they have in mind. It bit them in the butt when they had a number for Corbin. And look what happened. Forget about the number and get it done already.

  3. It's the same thing year in and year out with these cats. A) I won't get into specifics B) I'm willing to LISTEN to anything that is proposed to me C) We didn't get ____ because the number in question got to a point that we weren't comfortable with.

    They are either spooked by the ramifications of going over the luxury tax threshold or are spooked regarding investing long-term in talent and it's been like that for the past decade! Sweeny Murti had a good take on the former in that in his opinion The Yankees don't want to be facilitating a team like The Rays by going over the luxury tax threshold as the tax The Yankees would have to pay out would be pocketed directly by their competitors. I also think that there is a "penny wise & pound foolish" mentality at play here where The Yankees are worrying too much about where they are going to be at competitively five years down the line and not taking enough stock in the present by actually going all in on building a World Series contender. I'm not the biggest Scott Boras fan but he's right about one thing, if you are serious about contending…don't go in at 50% it's just not worth the effort.

  4. Yankees haven't had a solid ace for a long time, and it'd be great to get Cole, but the launch-angle bullshit needs to go. Swing for the fences with no strikes against a shaky pitcher, but other than that, just get on base and move the runners. It ain't rocket science.

  5. well i will say this it does reassure a NYY fan that Hal is willing to spend. i had to hear this from the horse's mouth that finances are not the problem. it's consequences of the decision and i totally get it but at the same time you are the NYY. you are known to spend and this team has not won a WS this entire decade. the sense of urgency to upgrade the rotation should be the top priority the last thing you should think about is price. when you want a Cole or Stras they come with a heavy price. what do you expect if you're willing to spend to get what you need to win now then do it.

  6. knowing the NYY they might end up getting a cheaper option for the rotation. or do nothing and hope Monty has a bounce back year and maybe add a arm for the BP. i heard they are interested in Blake Treinen incase they can't resign Dellin.

  7. Me gustaria verlos en las rotacion de a Gerret cole seriamos invensibles con esa rotacion teniendolos seras sin duda el As de la rotacion 1- gerret cole 2- luis severino 3- maxahiro tanaka 4- jemes paxton 5 – monggomory 6- jj happ

  8. And it wasnt hitting..the other team's pitching was excellent..that is why no clutch hits..see the pattern yet morons?!? The so called scary bullpen squandered multiple leads! Stop the delusion you sad excuse making fucks!! And all the payroll you had for a top starter you squandered on that useless pussy stanton!!

  9. People forget that Cole had a 2.60 ERA in 208 innings for the Pirates back in 2015 and finished 4th in the Cy Young. The next year, he had a 3.88 and only pitched 116 innings due to injury. And the next year after that, he had a 4.26 in a full season. Obviously, he's been excellent the last two seasons, but he's shown he's not immune to a mediocre year. If you sign him for let's say 8 years, it's very possible that for half of that contract, he won't be worth upwards of $30 million a year. And although he's mostly been a good postseason pitcher, he's had his ups and downs. We saw in his scoreless start against the Yankees, he really didn't have his best stuff, and he gave us too many chances to score. The bats just went cold. The Yankees could sign Cole and still lose in the postseason. It might hamper their ability to sign other free agents, and it would hurt them in the draft. Strasburg is a few years off tommy john and is getting on the older side. It's a lot of eggs to put in one basket. If Severino is healthy, that's adding an ace to the team already. Tanaka is pretty dominant in the postseason. German and Paxton have some seriously great stuff. Maybe Deivi Garcia turns into a viable option. Better to continue to build a complete team than rely on one man to do the job.

  10. Let’s be honest it’s the same crap every year. We will sign a c level pitcher and a few relief arms and expect to go all the way again without having a true ace

  11. I wish George Steinbrenner was still alive. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! The Yankees is the only team that puts NYC on the Map. you got to spend to get talent.

  12. Hal doesnt think the yankees are good enough. He just says that to justify staying below the 3rd luxury tax threshold knowing that a good chunk of the fanbase will consume the cashman moneyball rhetoric and allow them to keep fielding profitable non-championship calibre teams.

    Blaming hitting in the post season is low hanging fruit. SP not giving distance or quality overworked the bullpen and put them in position to lose games 1 2 3 5 and 6. They won game 1 and 5 but particularly 2 and 6 were very clearly overexposed bullpen losses

  13. Welp… there you have it folks. No Cole or Strasburg. Based on his facial expressions and the fact he said he'd prefer not to cross that 3rd luxury threshold… it ain't happening.

  14. C’mon Hal stop playing yourself the Yankees pitching rotation is not competitive the way it is right now .. you have to sign one of those two guys Cole is the most feared of the two.. the Yankees haven’t had a true ace out of free agency since CC.. if Cole is signed there’s your #1 then you can develop Sevy in the #2 , Paxton # 3, Tanaka #4 and Montgomery #5 then we are ready to battle .. please stop with you would consider if you really want to win then sign an ace other he will sign elsewhere and they will win not the Yankees in 2020

  15. Will you get a top notch starting pitcher?
    Hal: I will consider everything that comes across the desk on my super yacht.

    Will you raise ticket and beer prices again?
    Hall: Absolutely! See you next year, suckas!

  16. I see everyone on here is finally smartening up to greedy Hal’s bs. So, now it’s time to grow a pair and actually do something about it. BOYCOTT THE YANKEES AND YES NETWORK! I stopped buying Yankee hats and shirts. I don’t attend home OR away games anymore. I don’t watch any form of tv that offers the yes network.

  17. HOLD UP, HOLD UP… Did you say pitching is how the Astro's got here [winning]? No, no, no it was the trash can and it was only $9.99 at WalMart.

  18. The west coast teams, Dodgers and Angels, appear to be the big money players in regards to Cole and Strasburg. Strasburg would be cheaper than Cole and demand less seasons. I'm good with all of that so long as the Red Sox and the Astros are out of that picture. The Yankees rotation will be upgraded with Severino returning and James Paxton having a year of the Bronx madness under his belt. If I'm Cashman, I try and package something for Francisco Lindor. I believe that would be your Championship move.

  19. Fuck Hal! Fans are getting restless with this "let's find a bargain" strategy and try to win. STOP TRYING AND GO DO IT!! I'm getting close to stop supporting my team to show my disgust.

  20. If George was around, we would have won at least 5 more times. He would have thrown all his money on the starting pitching staff. Stop playing around Hal and spend Dad's money. That's the way he would have wanted it.


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