Gwen Stefani Talks Voice Contestants Covering Her Songs and Her New Makeup Line GXVE

Gwen Stefani talks about contestants covering her music on The Voice and her new makeup line GXVE.

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Gwen Stefani Talks Voice Contestants Covering Her Songs and Her New Makeup Line GXVE – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Comment (1,562)

  1. The ultimate trolls and haters all got together for a negative comment night!! Obviously not fans! And anyone cares what they think, because?

  2. If surgery and completely changing your natural appearance helps you become who you really are in the inside, then who is any one to judge? I say YASS QUEEN! Be you! Even if it's a cut, tucked, snipped, filled you…we should die to our opinions and support her! #brave

  3. She's an adult. She can do whatever she fu**ing wants.
    Nethertheless… Everyone needs that friend who tells them: "NO, stop IT. Stop it NOW! No, nonono, oh hell NO!", when it's needed.
    Seems like Gwen has lots of those… So a big win for her after all, I guess.

  4. The woman needs to lay off the plastic surgery. By the time she hits 60 she's gonna look like Caitlyn Jenner. Only eight years away, darling. And time flys when you get old.

  5. The thumbnail is horrible. Gwen looks horrendous. Ppl, stop slicing yo face up. We haven't advanced far enough to actually get work done surgically and it look good. I definitely would not "holla back" at this one

  6. I, for one, want to thank Gwen for keeping plastic out of the oceans by injecting it directly into her face.
    You’re a true Eco-Hero,

    “Keep it Basic. So Basic. Aggressively Basic.”

  7. Why did Gwen destroy her face? She was so beautiful! Do stars not understand that they look like puffy masculine aliens when they get work done on their face and body? So bummed. Never thought she would go there!

  8. Why? Professional pressure likely. Sad, she felt this need to get all this surgery done. I realize it is her choice, I am just floored that the pressure must be so crushing to change appearances. I wonder what comments or conversations solidified her choice to re-sculpt her face…

  9. I’m shocked by her decision to get so much work done on her face. She has always been beautiful. If she was determined to upgrade herself, she could’ve gone for implants instead.

  10. She was always a fun person with a beautiful spirit. Pretty inside and out. It is sad that she didn't look in the mirror and see what others saw.

  11. There is a lot of pressure on female celebrities to try and not age. We live in a male-dominated world (although that's changing slowly despite intense anger against it) and males like that 14 to 27 ish age so that drives many women to drugs and surgery and conforming to a look. It's usually that long straight hair parted down the middle with a plastic face that if you hadn't told me was Gwen I would never have guessed it. Don't support it. Let women age naturally without hating them for it.

  12. I think Gwen looks amazing, she’s 53 years old… people love to hate, and all the trolls here need to look in the mirror and quit projecting their insecurities on celebrities they don’t even know.

  13. I like gs. however, all I cud think of during the video is (1) "aw man, did she really get work done? wwwhhhyyy?" (2) "what's going on w the sew-in? is it hiding scars?" n most importantly (3) why is her thumb stuck in her sleeve?"

  14. She looks fine and these comments are depressing. Probably mostly the way her makeup/hair is done for the interview is what everyone is finding so odd. Either way, ppl can do plastic surgery and look however tf they want and should be able to without a bunch of assholes constantly going on about it. "Fake" or not. Anyways her outfit was dope and the interview was decent enough for a late night plug.

  15. Gwen looks awesome. People look different as they age regardless. Name one 50 year old who looks like they did when they were 20. She was gorgeous then and she’s gorgeous now. Take a chill pill folks.


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