Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas star as larger-than-life heroes in this classic Western epic directed by John Sturges. Frontier lawman Wyatt Earp (Lancaster) joins his three brothers in their feud against the villainous Clanton gang, a local clan of cattle thieves in Tombstone, Arizona. When Earp defends the sickly gambler John “Doc” Holliday (Douglas) and puts a stop to the Clanton’s lawlessness, the ruthless outlaws seek revenge and murder one of Earp’s brothers. This leads the men into the most devastating showdown in Wild West History! Gunfight at the O.K. Corral is a timeless, cinematic tale of good versus evil.

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  1. Never get tired of watching this action buddy western from start to finish it’s just that good 😌 I own the vhs 📼 💯❤️🌈⭐️😎😍🥰🍿🥤🍫🍫🎥📺🎬🔥🔫🔫🧨💣🔪.

  2. Love Frankie Lane singing the song in the movie. I have the original issue album on LP. He also did the theme song to the Rawhide TV series with none other than The Man With No Name, Clint Eastwood (Joe, Manco, Blondie).

  3. Such great chemistry between Lancaster and Douglas. Great supporting cast and the dialogue is spectacular. Lee Van Cleef, Deforest Kelley, John Ireland, Jack Elam, Lyle Bettger, Rhonda Fleming, man the cast is stacked with great ones. This film will always be a classic.

  4. They don't make em like this anymore, Kirk Douglas acted the best i have ever seen him, Burt never disappoints in any movie, thanks for sharing although i have seen it many times i'll see it again.

  5. If Wyat ever shoots that long barreled Buntline Special Carbine Revolver
    with his support hand under the barrel and in front of the cylinders the expelled
    gases are sure going to give him a very nasty burn on that hand.

  6. There was a Star Trek episode called " Spectre of the Gun " where the Enterprise crewmen
    were placed in the setting of the shooting at the OK Coral. Dr. McCoy's character was playing the part
    of Tom McLaury,
    The actor in Star Trek, DeForest Kelly , is also is in this film based on the shootout
    at the OK Coral. He plays one of the good guys in this film, Morgan Earp.
    The irony is that in reality during the shootout Tom McLaury wounded Morgan Earp in the shoulder.

  7. Ok, which version to you all is the best? My Darling Clementine(Henry Fonda)? Tombstone:The Town Too Tough To Die(Richard Dix)? This one? Hour of the Gun(James Garner)? Wichita(Joel McCrea)? Frontier Marshal(Randolph Scott)? Doc(Yulin Harris)? Tombstone(Kurt Russell)? Wyatt Earp(Kevin Costner)?

  8. Well it took some time too Watch it Properly, & I goofed off a bit.
    But too My Thoughts 🤔💭🤔 now that over the last Year. I have Spent my Idle Time. Watching all Four 🍀 of what I think are the Best Versions of This Classic, Moment in the Wests Evolution. The Four are Gunfight at OK Carrol, Tombstone, Hour of The Gun, and then My Darling Clementine. Don't mistake Me by thinking 🤔 that I believe One is Absolutely Better than the Other.
    FGI, purposes I think they are all Excellent, Film's. Though each One is told from a Different Angle or something like that. All have Great Casting, Action, Suspense, Excellent Producer's & Director's, plus the other Superb Elements. So I guess I'm Still Wondering & Trying too Make up My Mind about it.
    Thank You UTube for Providing all Four 🍀🍀 it been Very Enjoyable.


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