Grow Your Own Mushrooms in Used Coffee Grounds

Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora, co-founders of Back to the Roots LLC in Oakland, Calif., have grown a business out of other companies’ trash. They manufacture grow-at-home oyster mushroom kits filled with used coffee grounds. WSJ’s Lauren Rudser reports. Video originally aired November 13, 2011.
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Comment (432)

  1. I was very disappointed with kit, paid 11.99 at home depot for it and got 3 mushrooms at average size, I thought the box would feel up, but did not, for that price I expected more then 3 mushrooms.  Just so everyone know you are paying $4 a mushroom.  

  2. hey guys have you come to India for teaching how to grow mushrooms? because it would be great if you could make people here understand the uses of growing their own food

  3. When they mechanically press the wet coffee grounds, perhaps they attain a moisture content suitable for mushroom mycelia growth but not other molds. On the other hand, heating the coffee grounds in an oven to a high enough temperature will surely sterilize most organisms to give your mushroom culture a head start. Control the conditions of the warehouse temperature, humidity, air movement, etc, and count money. High end restaurants would pay a premium for special types.

  4. I love these guys' idea! I think growing your own food is important these days. I bough this kit before watching this and it was fun to do and watch them grow. Its an awesome idea And really works

  5. Against the chorus! Cannot find "mygrounds" at the store used for long time on the plants. You guys have to go to BKLEY to learn how to steal other people trash????.
    Sorry… maybe other people are making instant coffee with it or natural dye.
    I knew how to grow mushrooms when I was 10 years old.!!!!
    The acidity in the  grounds make them also  good for any seed but our fruit is genetically "improved" and does not have seeds anymore.
    A praise to you anyway leveraging on ignorance is a good business move

  6. Kinda nice to see the stuff growing in your own home, but strictly speaking, transporting 3lb of stuff for 1.5lb of product seems a bit wasteful as far as sustainability goes.

  7. holy shiitake! YouTube is infested with mushroom kit SPAM….goddamn ripoff…save your own coffee grounds in the freezer. when you get enough microwave them to sterilize. Put grounds in plastic food container with a few small holes poked in the bottom..Borrow 1 shiitake from your neighbor, pull the stem out and set it on a uncoated paper plate gills down for 3 or 4 days. See spore deposit. Cut spore deposit paper in tiny little squares mix with moist coffee grounds. keep lid slightly loose, dark, 65-70deg. Watch. Mist daily. Shiitake grows. Eat all but 1 then feel free to copy and paste on rude mushroom pushers videos..

  8. Hello from Sweden! Is there really any subculture that doesent originate from California??? In a world that will have to cope with an increasing amount of chaos (see chaostheory and kessler effect, monoculture, plastic soup to name a few….) a small locally connected businessmodel is way to go.

  9. Here to learn how to grow them i like the portobello mushrooms havent had any others i will continue to test and learn how to grow them if someone could help me get started all videos that i make i will collab with you.

  10. Hey. I plan to start some mushrooms at home. I bought some from the supermarket and there is fluffy stuff on the stems. I figured this may give me an advantage in growing on my own since i think it is mycelium. Is it ok to use the fluffy stems as well as the spores to start my own shrooms?

  11. ive started collecting grounds an have plenty more stores that want to give my kids, single dad,more but i have been doing it wrong?i need help, iam computer dumb an can not see vary good mailing adderss 20 william hieghts lock haven pa 17745.pls send us ez insteructions in big print GOD bless ur allsome thk u frusterated dad

  12. Something innovative by two young men who experimented with the uses of coffee grounds. I am sharing this video so that you (parents, grandparents) might use this to inspire your siblings. Those who hope to invent or develop something that will be useful in society; whatever that might be. We all need some Inspirational ideas to keep ourselves Motivated in what we want to due or be. Pass it on. Bruce Warren Marchetta Th.d. Hypnotherapist (who began by seeing a movie at the age of 12).

  13. I've been spending time with the help of my son studying growing mushrooms at home then we discovered a fantastic resource at Gregs Mushroom Grower (check it out on google)

  14. I've used your kits to get started in growing mushrooms. A great way to give it a try. I'm also a big fan of those HD plastic shelves you have everywhere.

  15. I've asked for used coffee ground from several restaurants and the answer has been "No". They don't want to bother with it and some have said its a liability. I guess they think I'm going to re-perk their garbage, get sick and file a lawsuit.

  16. I've been studying how to grow mushrooms then we discovered an awesome resource at Gregs Mushroom Grower (google it if you are interested)

  17. It's not often I'm surprized however watching this certainly made me think but have you looked at the website called Gregs Mushroom Grower just google for it

  18. You can buy one bag of these then after you finish the grow . Take some of the old coffee grounds and mycelium . Put them into a new bag with your own coffe grounds and let them germinate in a cool dark place . Once they turn white repeat the process . You will have unlimited mushrooms …

  19. If I put soil into a strainer and poured a load of boiling water over it and then put it in a big empty mineral water bottle, followed by oyster mushrooms on top would it happily feed off the soil without the need for coffee grounds?

    And I've heard straw is a good option because of the cellulose, so how about putting a load of scobies into a blender and then pouring on a layer of that?

  20. You should go back for an update to see if now that they are making “magic mushrooms” legal in Oakland,if they are getting in the game… in the beginning this started as a joke but finished with we really curious if they would. Lol

  21. I love these products! I bought my first box maybe 2011 or 12 to show my 4 year old how mushrooms grow. We've been living on the beach a few years now and all our gardening is in pots on the patios. I bought a few of these boxes a couple weeks ago and I am hooked! This product was good years ago-even better now and I am so happy for the success the company has had!

  22. you MUST sterilize the substrate before use and grown the mycelium in a clean air at 25°C. As you see in this video, if you get the same, you will harvest molds and flyes.

  23. I have a fully colonized coffee ground and oyster spawn block that has not fruited. It is in an area that has done well with Back to the Roots oyster kits but no action. The mycelium is strongly present in the block but it has not fruited. I have put it in water for an eight hour dunking like I did with the Back to the Roots kit but nada. Any thoughts on how to get it to fruit?

  24. Hi Guys, Please I want to know from where I can buy these size of mushrooms grow bags with filter? or I just want to know this growing bags dimension sizes. I want a small size same as in this video to use it for coffee grounds substrate. Thanks.


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