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Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee Prince directs and stars in this sequel to the box-office smash hit “Purple Rain,” one of the most talked about movies of 1984. This time around the Kid (Prince) and his rival (Morris E. Day) are partners, together running a nightclub that was willed to them, each with very different ideas of how to run a business. A music-filled treat featuring classic funk superstar George Clinton and pop superstar Tevin Campbell. MPAA Rating: PG-13 © 1990 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved #Trailer #WB

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  1. @coolman5242: It's basically Morris Day pretty much owning a string of music clubs and The Kid (Prince) not being someone that makes alotta money for Morris as an act so they butt heads about it…..Then a woman named Aura (Ingrid Chavez) pops up on their radar as they continue to butt heads over her affections….Meanwhile The Kid finds Tevin Campbell and serves to help blossom his talents…It's very much like Purple Rain but more bizarre in terms of sets, scenery and dialogue.

  2. All Prince talent was in his fingers, and songs…because he can't act! Morris made his move come alive. The credits should read Morris Day then support actor Prince…sorry to all Prince friends.

  3. as a Prince fan this movie embarassed the hell out of me. I was a kid when it came out but, I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of embarassament at the horrible acting..I could'nt even finish

  4. Sorry I love Prince, have ALL his music but this movie SUCKED! Nowhere near Purple Rain or Under The Cherry Moon, not even Sign O The Times. I was totally disappointed but to each his own, I think it sucked beans!

  5. It was over for Prince when he came out with this 90 min waste of time. Definitely NOT the best way to kick off the 90s for someone who was one of the top 3 selling pop artists of the 80s. I pretty much stopped following him after that because his music also started to fluctuate badly in terms of quality. Sometimes, releasing an album a year isn't always be the best way to go in that sense.

  6. True … but he's touched so many levels of music and artists with writing and collaboration I'm sure you still followed him without even knowing it.

    Ingrid Chavez is HOT in this movie … watch it JUST for her 😉 !

  7. Perhaps, but as far as following his own work from the 90s onward I just couldn't do it anymore. It was becoming quite clear that his ongoing battle with WMG back then was starting to get pretty ugly. I'll take up your recommendation for watching this film though, since Prince did have good taste in women (lol)!

  8. I remember this movie as a kid but I didn't watch it… I remember my mother saying how awful it was… I just got through watching this movie and it was embarrassing!
    I am a prince fan but this was a ridiculous,smh

  9. PURPLE RAIN was a revelation.  GRAFITTI BRIDGE and UNDER THE CHERRY MOON were both misfires.  SIGN O' THE TIMES, largely a concert film, was well done.  From his past films, we know that Prince's strong points are charisma and making incredibly diverse and original music.  He didn't seem to really grasp the demands of basic film storytelling.  For this he needs collaborators with that skill set.  It would be interesting if he collaborated with someone qualified to create piece of live theatre with a compelling, coherent story.

  10. I freaking love this. Fun movie. its got prince and the time and good music..all that I need. Ppl who say its bad…your viewing it wrong.
    Its a quirky slice of the early 90, s
    Best part of this trailer is they mention prince twice lol

  11. I didn't like this movie at first. but now I would watch it. its the sequel to purple rain. and I want to see under the cherry moon. RIP Prince💜☝🎸


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